For as long as there have been flying discs, they have been written about in national publications, exploring the sports, the athletes, and the culture.




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How-To for Frisbee Players—Mechanix Illustrated December 1978How-To for Frisbee PlayersMechanix Illustrated—Dec 1978 Frisbee freestyle? Not exactly: the prize money is $50,000 by Marianne Tyler and Tom PiazzaUS—May 15, 1979 Encyclopedia—FrisbeeNational Lampoon—Jul 1979 Little Annie Fanny—Playboy—Aug 1979Little Annie FannyPlayboy—Aug 1979


Frisbee Flyers by Jane Smisor BastienFrisbee Flyers by Jane Smisor BastienPiano Solo—1980 It's beer, bratwurst and a guts game by Joe JaresSports Illustrated—Aug 3, 1980 SI 9-8-1980What's Round, Thin, Has a Hole in the Center and Takes Off? The SkyroSports Illustrated—Sep 8, 1980
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Sports Illustrated—Oct 21, 1985On The Scene by Austin MurphySports Illustrated—Oct 21, 1985 LandsEnd Catalog Cover 1986Cover ArtworkLands' End—Jun 1986 Glamour 07-1986 thumbThrow a frisbee Like A ProGlamour—Jul 1986 Carnegie Mellon—v5n1—Fall 1986Ultimate Frisbee with Mr. Yuk by BruceCarnegie Mellon—Fall 1986
SI 02-09-1987$18,000 FrisbeeSports Illustrated—Feb 9, 1987 After 30 High-Flying Years, the Frisbee Still Soars by Mark DannaSports Illustrated—May 11, 1987 SI 09-07-1987Amy Bekken Schiller photoSports Illustrated—Sep 7, 1987 SI 9-21-1987No Romp in the Park by Ann KillionSports Illustrated—Sep 21, 1987
Flat Flip Flies Straight—The cosmic adventures of a man and his Frisbee by George LeonardEsquire—Feb 1988 Racking Up World Records (Cub Scout Tyler Roddick) by W. E. Butterworth IVBoys' Life—Jul 1988    


Top Spinner—Disney Adventures—Jun 1991Top SpinnerDisney Adventures—Jun 1991 New Times 7-24-1997Where the Frisbee First Flew by Jeff McMahonNew Times—Jul 24, 1997 The Flight of the Frisbee by Louis A. Bloomfield—Scientific American—Apr 1999The Flight of the Frisbee by Louis A. BloomfieldScientific American—Apr 1999


Frisbee 101Real Simple—Jul 2007
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Magical Flight by Douglas R. Kelly—Retro Fan—Mar 2021Magical Flight by Douglas R. KellyRetro Fan—Mar 2021