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FPA mastheadFPA masthead

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The Freestyle Players Association (FPA) was formed in 1978 to promote freestyle. They actively promote the sport, teaching new players and oversee freestyle competitions.

The FPA creates a new disc design each year, in recent years through an open design contest.
1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Black—Gold1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Black—Gold (reversed)1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Blue—Black1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Blue—Metallic Blue1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Blue (Translucent)—-Black1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Unpigmented—Black1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—White—Black1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—White—Blue1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Yellow—Black1979 FPA—Original Logo—Discraft Sky-Styler—Yellow—Blue1979 FPA—Original Logo—Dreamflights Floater—White—Black (reversed)1979 FPA—Original Logo—Wham-O 81 Mold—White—Black1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Micro—Black—Gold1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Sky-Styler—Orange—Black1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Sky-Styler—Orange—Metallic Blue, Gold1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Sky-Styler—Orange—Silver1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Sky-Styler—Unpigmented—Black1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Sky-Styler—Unpigmented—Brown1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Sky-Styler—Unpigmented—Gold1980 FPA New World Tour—Discraft Sky-Styler—Unpigmented—Gold, Black