Shawn Selders— "The First Disc Golfer"—Discraft Mini-Star—Discraft SupercolorShawn Selders— "The First Disc Golfer"—Discraft Mini-Star—Discraft SupercolorMaker: Discraft
Model: Mini-Star
Size: 4.5 inches
Disc Color: White
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Custom artwork: The First Disc Golfer #68 signed by artist Shawn Selders 2016—Supercolor
Date Introduced: 2016
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: This art is created by Shawn Selders
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

Created 11-Jan-21
Modified 16-Oct-21
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Welcome to DISC ART, a delightfully detailed and acutely curated gallery for discerning discophiles in search of flying discs manufactured in quantity with mechanically applied artwork (via hot stamp, heat transfer, sublimation, inkjet...) their raison d'être—without disproportionate promotion of an individual, organization, event or accomplishment...for the most part. Enjoy the colors and the creativity—disc design with a specifically special spin—DISC ART.
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