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From the folks at LEGACY DISCS:
"The road to becoming a manufacture has taken over 30 years to establish where we are today. The Rico Family began the journey as players in the sport in the mid 80’s. Over the past 30 years our relationship to the sport escalated to competitive play throughout the United States. Legacy Discs has grown in quantity and quality with years of disc golf experience on the field and in the lab. Legacy Brings you discs by the player for the player. Legacy Discs is a Family operated disc golf manufacture. We put in the effort to keep our extended family happy with plenty of plastic to keep you throwing.

The 'Disc Titles' you'll see in the LEGACY Gallery will typically start with the Mold Name, followed by the Plastic Type. If the disc has a Special Hot Stamp Name, it is listed next, and if not, you will see the Color(s) of the disc followed by the Hot Stamp Color(s).
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Mold, Plastic Type—Hot Stamp Name, or Title of Art (where applies)—Disc Color—Hot Stamp Color

Maker: Legacy
Classification: Distance Driver, Fairway Driver, Midrange, Putt & Approach
Flight Rating Numbers: 0, 0, 0, 0
Plastic Type:
PDGA Max. Weight: 000.0g
Disc Color: xxx, Black
Lettering/Hot Stamp: "Name of Art" Lettering; Lettering—Hot Stamp Colors
Date Introduced: 00/00/00
Date PDGA Approved: 00/00/00
Number Produced: 000 w/ COA
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Your Name

Titles & Descriptions
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Aftermath, Pinnacle—Blank—BlueCannon, Icon—Grinder, Sickles—Unpigmented—WonderbreadCannon, Icon—Kaufinator "Bones"—White—CopperCannon, Legend—Blank—TurquoiseCannon, Legend—Support—Turquoise—BlackCannon, Legend—Team Legacy—Turquoise—SilverCannon, Legend Sparkle—Grinder, Sickles—Gold—Metallic Pink, Purple, BlueCannon, Pinnacle—Grinder, Sickle—Black—BlackClozer, Gravity—Purple—Metallic RedClozer, Protege—Orange—PurpleClutch—Team Legacy—Glow—Multicolor SparkleClutch, Icon—Blue—Gold ShatterClutch, Icon—Orange—Gold CheckeredClutch, Legend—Slime—Green—Metallic SunsetClutch, Protege—Black—Metallic RedClutch, Protégé—Blue—Silver HologramClutch, Protégé—Off-white—Metallic OrangeClutch, Protégé—Off-white—Metallic RedEnemy, Icon—Blue—BlackEnemy, Icon—Red—Black