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Duncan—Throw & Tell—Yellow—PackageDuncan—Throw & Tell—Yellow—PackageMaker: Duncan Toys Company
Model: Throw & Tell
Size: 10.1875 inches
Disc Color: Yellow
Lettering/Hot Stamp:
Label/Sticker: Yellow & Red
Date Introduced: 2007
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: Press record button; Speak to the disc; throw disc to friend; push button to play message. 160 grams.
Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy

Created 8-Jan-18
Modified 28-Apr-24
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One of the most pleasing wonders of a flying disc is how it silently glides through the air.

The discs in this category are the exception: they were intentionally designed to announce their presence through buzzes, whirs, whistles, or recorded sounds. Many require a battery or two to activate the sound producing mechanism, others are simple air whistles.

(Rare exceptions like the Wham-O Super Pro or the Evel Knevel Fling-A-Ma-Bob do make unintentional distinctive whistles or buzzes when thrown hard.)

Think this is a cool category? Hear! Hear!

—Phil Kennedy
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