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Domino's Pizza—A.S.I.—White—Red, BlueDomino's Pizza—A.S.I.—White—Red, BlueMaker: A.S.I.
Model: Fun Flyer
Mold: 6
Size: 9.25 inches
Disc Color: White
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Domino's Pizza Delivers…Fast…Free. Domino's Logo. On bottom: "Fun Flyer" A.S.I. 9662 Made in U.S.A. No. 6—Red, Blue
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Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy

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The Food & Beverage gallery holds a variety of discs that represent food or non-alcoholic beverages in one fashion or another. There are many resturants featured here as well.

Cereal companies have long marketed prizes in their packaging and in the 1970's, they used a variety of "mini" discs in their cereal boxes. Many of them are shown in this gallery.

The titles generally show the product, followed by the Maker of the disc and any potential model or mold. That is followed by the disc color and the hot stamp color(s)
—Wham-O FB Mold—7-UP—Nasta Bottle Cap Flyer—Silver—Green, White, Red—Package7-UP—Nasta Bottle Cap Flyer—Silver—Green, White, Red—Package Back—Wham-O FB Mold—Arby's—Flying Ring—RedArby's—Flying Ring—Red—BottomArby's Yogi & Friends—Arby's Mini—Yellow—NoneArby's, RC Cola—Dynamic Mini-Flyer—Orange—BlackArthur Treacher's Seafood—Humphrey Flyer Mini—Yellow—GreenArthur Treacher's Seafood—Humphrey Flyer Mini—Yellow—Green—BottomBirdie Fuel—Zing Mini Cozmo—Orange Speckled—Metallic BlueBirdie Fuel—Zing Mini Cozmo—Pink  Speckled—Metallic PurpleBirdie Fuel—Zing Mini Cozmo—Yellow Speckled—Metallic RainbowBurger Chef—Azrak-Hamway—Pink GlowBurger Chef—Azrak-Hamway—Pink Glow—BottomBurger Chef—Azrak-Hamway—RedBurger Chef—Incrediburgible!—YellowBurger King, 1978—BlueBurger King, 1978—RedBurger King, 1978—Yellow