Who is the FDM?

Heublein—Marky Maypo—Royal BlueHeublein—Marky Maypo—Royal BlueMaker: Heublein Inc.
Model: Marky Maypo
Size: 6.75 inches
Disc Color: Royal Blue
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Marky Maypo
Date Introduced: Late 1950s?
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: Promoted Maypo cereal. Very thin vacuum-formed plastic sheet material.
Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy
In short, it's everyone. This museum isn't just for the flying disc community, it is built by the community. No one person, or even small group, knows all of the history. No one knows how many different flying discs there are, although with all mold, color, and hot stamp variants it should easily top 100,000. No one even knows how many disc manufacturers have existed, although 278 have been identified. But while no one person knows these answers, the combined flying disc community can assemble the information, and is doing so here at the Flying Disc Museum.


Master—Black—Gold, White—LabelMaster—Black—Gold, White—LabelMaker: Wham-O
Model: Master
Mold: Covered by Label on bottom
Disc Color: Black
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Master Frisbee®
—Gold, White
Label/Sticker: WORLD FRISBEE® Rose Bowl, 1974 Invitational Flying Disc Championships, Sanctioned by the International Frisbee Association—Black on Gold Label
Date Introduced: 1974
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture: 1974
Special Notes: These discs were given to the competitors. Each of them featured a label on the bottom that says "NOT FOR RESALE, FOR OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT USE ONLY, Wham-O®, Donated by Wham-O MFG. Co., San Gabriel, CA. 91778—Black on Gold paper label
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes
An effort like this does have to get started somehow, and in this case it was a group of five volunteer disc enthusiasts, historians, and collectors that did the initial work to get the FDM off the ground and developed to a level where the community could take part and contribute. That group consists of:

  • Mike "Hubee" Hughes
  • Lightnin' Lyle Jensen
  • Joe Essman
  • Phil Kennedy
  • Kevin Fuller

Curators & Gallery Managers

Each main area of the museum is curated by one of the FDM's volunteer staff. Additionally, many individual galleries have a gallery manager with specific expertise in that area of flying discs. Curators and gallery managers work with contributors and each other to ensure the continued quality of FDM content. The current curators and gallery managers are:

Museum Section Curator Gallery Manager(s)
Antiques Phil Kennedy
  • Lyle Jensen, Pluto Platters
Retail/Stock Mike Hughes
  • Kevin Fuller, Discraft
  • Phil Kennedy, Games
  • Kevin Fuller, Positive Pyramids–Xaipros
  • Kevin Fuller, Wham-O Masters
  • Kevin Fuller, Wham-O World Class
Disc Golf Mike Hughes
  • Robert Wright, Axiom
  • Kevin Fuller, DGA
  • Tom McManus, Dynamic Discs
  • Dylan Trevors, Discmania
  • Tom McManus, Discraft
  • Tom McManus, Innova
  • Tom McManus, Latitude 64
  • Robert Wright, Legacy Discs
  • Dylan Trevors, Millennium
  • Robert Wright, MVP
  • Robert Wright, Streamline
  • Tom McManus, Westside
  • Robert Wright, Other
Tournaments/Events Kevin Fuller
  • Mike Hughes, World Frisbee Championships
  • Mike Hughes, US Open
  • Mike Hughes, World Disc Championships
  • Mike Hughes, WFDF Championships
  • Mike Hughes, World Senior Championships
  • Mike Hughes, PDGA World Championships
  • Mike Hughes, North American Series
  • Mike Hughes, Disc Golf
Orgs/Assn/Clubs/Teams Kevin Fuller
  • Mike Hughes, IFA
Novelty/Toys Phil Kennedy  
Promotional Mike Hughes  
Printed Material Phil Kennedy  
Miscellaneous Lyle Jensen