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In its current form, Disc Golf started in 1976. Over the past 4 decades, thousands of Disc Golf tournaments have been played all over the globe. Starting in 1982, The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) began hosting the Disc Golf World Championships. All of those discs can be found in the PDGA World Championship gallery.
This gallery represents Disc Golf tournaments held throughout the world. In some instances, there are several different hot stamps for the same tournament. Here you will find a multitude of disc manufacturers, models, styles, disc colors and hot stamp variations.
"Steady" Ed Memorial Master Cup, 2006—Innova Classic Roc—White—Metallic$50,000 Tournament—Disc Golf Bag$50,000 Tournament—Disc Golf Bag—Back$50,000 Tournament—Disc Golf Bag—Disc Pocket$50,000 Tournament—Wham-o—Tournament Scorecard—White$50,000 Tournament—Wham-O 41 Mold—White—Gold$50,000 Tournament—Wham-O 50 Mold—White—Gold$50,000 Tournament—Wham-O 80 Mold—White—Gold$50,000 Tournament—Wham-O FB3 Mold—White—Gold$50,000 Tournament—Wham-O Mini—White—Orange$50,000 Tournament, Tom Kennedy 1st Place—Wham-O 80 Mold—Glow—Gold, Metallic Blue24 Hour DG Charity Marathon, 2004—Innova TeeBird L—Red—Blue1999 PDGA National Doubles—Round Rock, TX—Discraft XL—Green—BlackAbraham and Straus DG Event, 1980—Wham-O 42AF Mold—White—BlueAbraham and Straus DG Event, 1980—Wham-O FB8 Mold—White—BlueAce Race, 2003—Discraft Breeze—Yellow—WhiteAce Race, 2003—Discraft Breeze—Yellow—White—BottomAce Race, 2003—Discraft XS—YellowAce Race, 2004—Discraft Glide—Blue—WhiteAce Race, 2004—Discraft Glide—Orange—White