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Buck Rogers Flying Saucer—PaperBuck Rogers Flying Saucer—PaperMaker:
Model: Buck Rogers Flying Saucer
Size: 1 inch thick
Disc Color: White
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Black & Red; Buck Rogers Flying Saucer
Date Introduced: c.1950
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: Two paper plates clamped together by a pressed metal ring. U.S. Patent No. 2,125,793 by S.P. Co. printed on the disc is for the 1937 patent for the paper plate, not this saucer. Likely not meant to be tossed but used as a hand-held fantasy toy. Rare.
Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy

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This is a relatively small category of early discs that were primarily a reaction to the 1947 flying saucer craze (see the Flyin Saucer category for more).

Made of paper materials or thin plastic sheets, they were ostensibly flyable, but many probably were made to be hand-held fantasy toys…zoomed about while being grasped.

A few give instructions on how to launch them, however crudely they must have flown!

—Phil Kennedy
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