About the Flying Disc Museum

The Flying Disc Museum (FDM) is dedicated to the world of flying discs and disc sports. It is a place where historians, collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone else from around the world can come to view, research, and contribute to the collective knowledge of all things flying disc.

This museum is created for and by the entire flying disc community. A broad range of input and knowledge from the community are collected, with more contributors adding to it all the time. The museum provides the means for stewardship, and combined with our common passion and firsthand knowledge will help accurately preserve the colorful history of the flying disc.

Visitors with verifiable information, documentation, and photos regarding any flying disc related item that deserves a place in the museum are invited to contribute. From the smallest micro mini to the Giant Saucer Tosser, the earliest molded plastic to the latest golf disc, the most obscure flying disc game, poster or trading card, they are all part of flying disc history. Regardless of make, model, origin, if it is one-of-a-kind or one of a million, they have stories that needs to be preserved for generations to come.

Look around. Contribute if you can. Join the FDM Facebook page to keep up on what's new or participate in any of the discussions there. Most importantly, enjoy!

And remember, flat flip flies straight, tilted flight curves (unless you're throwing an over-stable driver, in which case all flights curve).