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The IFA National Championship Series was introduced by the International Frisbee Association in 1976 to broaden Frisbee flying disc promotion while attracting serious players to compete in a regionally-based tournament series. The series included some well-established meets along with some brand new events and venues. The larger scope of the series helped many local players and clubs flourish in the mid '70s and early '80s.

The NCS offered a more systematic method of determining national champions in each event (distance, accuracy, freestyle, etc.) and selecting a field of competitors for the annual World Frisbee Championships (WFC). In 1978, the name of the series was changed to the IFA North American Series (NAS, the name most people associate with the event) and changed again to the North American Flying Disc Championships in 1980. The series was very successful at putting major Frisbee competitions “on the map.” A top player's likeness was selected by the IFA to appear on the hot stamp of each year's competition and trophy discs. In the museum, the name of each selected player is listed with the first disc in his or her series.

This gallery contains all the known discs that were produced and sold for each year of the series, including: discs from the individual tournaments in the series; special runs, rejects, dyed discs, etc.

Hats, posters, pins, bumper stickers, shirts, trophies and any other series related items are also included in this gallery, and like most everything else, are listed in chronological order.
Jimmy Scala PhotoWham-O 50 Mold—Black, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 40 Mold—Black, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 40 Mold—Black, Gold—Unpigmented—Double stamp, MisprintWham-O 50 Mold—Blue, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 40 Mold—Blue, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 40 Mold—Blue, Gold—Unpigmented—Double stamp, MisprintWham-O 40 Mold—Blue, Gold—Unpigmented—Double stamp—BottomWham-O 50 Mold—Green, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 40 Mold—Green, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 50 Mold—Red, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 40 Mold—Red, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 50 Mold—Yellow, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 40 Mold—Yellow, Gold—UnpigmentedWham-O 50 Mold—Yellow, Gold—BlueWham-O 40 Mold—Yellow, Gold—PurpleWham-O 40 Mold—Double Black outer ring—UnpigmentedWham-O FB6 Mold—Gold—BrownWham-O FB14 Mold—Gold—White