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Saucer Tosser, All Star—Stock—White—BlackSaucer Tosser, All Star—Stock—White—BlackMaker: Concept Products Inc.
Model: Saucer Tosser
Style: All Star
Size: 9.5 inches
Disc Color: White
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Raised letters: All Star Saucer Tosser, By C.P.I.—Black
Label/Sticker: C.P.I. Saucer Tosser, All Star, Super Sport—Black on Gold foil
Date Introduced:
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture: Early–Mid-1970s
Special Notes: High quality plastic. Flight considered by many at the time to be equal or superior to the Wham-O Pro. Stock discs were produced in Orange, Red, Blue and White
Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy

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