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Dynamic Discs was founded in 2005 by Jeremy Rusco while he was still in college at Emporia State University. Originally just dying discs and selling them for a few dollars over retail. Jeremy along with his team have grown Dynamic Discs into a company with over 75 employees. Their first four molded discs were released in 2012. Latitude 64 makes all of Dynamic Discs line of discs, which now number over 35 different molds.
Breakout, Lucid—Chartreuse—Metallic RedBreakout, Lucid—Red—Metallic BlueCaptain Lucid—Red—Metallic BlueDeputy, Prime Burst—Blue, White Burst—Metallic RedDimple, Premium—Grateful Dude—Chartreuse—GoldEMac Judge, Classic—Orange—SilverEMac Judge, Classic—White—Metallic PinkEMac Judge, Classic—White—Metallic RedEMac Judge, Classic Soft—White—Metallic BlueEMac Judge, Classic Soft—White—Metallic GreenEMac Judge, Classic Soft—White—Metallic PinkEMac Judge, Prime—Yellow—Metallic GreenEMAC Truth, Lucid—Eric McCabe—Orange—Metallic BlueEnforcer, Lucid Ice—Ricky Wysocki—White—Metallic RedEscape, Lucid—Red—Metallic RedGuard, Classic Soft—Gray—Diffraction Metallic BlueJudge, Classic—Pink—Metallic Red SparkleJudge, Classic—Pink—SilverJudge, Classic—White—GoldJudge, Classic—White—Metallic Red Sparkle