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Sportflyer Unlimited mastheadSportflyer Unlimited masthead

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SportFlyers Unlimited was a company founded by Tom Lander. He only produced minis and they are all known as Mini Sport Flyers. This gallery features many prototypes and retail minis. There are 100's of other examples of his Mini Sport Flyer in various galleries throughout the museum.
4th Period—Blank—Glow4th Period—Blank—UnpigmentedBlank—BlackBlank—Black—VinylBlank—Blue (Dark)Blank—Blue (Light)Blank—Fire OrangeBlank—GlowBlank—OrangeBlank—Orange—RubberBlank—Purple—Grape ScentedBlank—RedBlank—Rust—VinylBlank—Unpigmented—Vinyl RejectBlank—Unpigmented, BlackBlank—WhiteBlank—WhiteBlank—YellowBlank—Yellow (Light)Disc Covering the World—Glow—Black