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Masthead Trading CardsMasthead Trading Cards

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The concept of trading cards began in the 1850’s at a time when color printing was a novel idea. The earliest examples were advertising cards, which became highly collectable due to their vibrant colors. Sports cards gained their popularity in the 1880’s as tobacco companies started including trading cards in their packs. Over the years, the hobby of collectable cards has endured. They allow fans to see their favorite athletes in action, often accompanied by statistics, accomplishments, or interesting glimpses into their lives. As trading cards evolved, many sets started to include autographs and memorabilia cards containing game-used relics. This further allows fans to connect with their heroes by giving them an opportunity to own a small piece of sports history.

Disc sports including disc golf, ultimate, and disc dog have all been featured on trading cards. We at The Flying Disc Museum are proud to welcome you to our trading card gallery. This gallery features a variety of trading cards all related to the flying disc. We have organized them by their year of production. Hopefully you find as much enjoyment browsing our gallery as we have had curating it for you. If you have the good fortune of owning a card that is not featured in our gallery, kindly consider contributing photographs to our collection. Please enjoy.
~Daniel Meers
19871987—Garbage Pail Kids—#437A—Sliced Brad1987—Garbage Pail Kids—#437B—Dead Lee19901990—Barbie Series 1—#245—California Dream Barbie19931993—Star DISCards—#1 —Checklist1993—Star DISCards—#2—Sam Ferrans1993—Star DISCards—#3—John Ahart1993—Star DISCards—#4—Jim Oates1993—Star DISCards—#5—Jason Roberts1993—Star DISCards—#6—Christian Voigt-Eberle1993—Star DISCards—#7—Jeff Homburg1993—Star DISCards—#8—Dale Fritz1993—Star DISCards—#9—Riley Manderschied1993—Star DISCards—#9—Riley Manderschied ERROR- David Greenwell in Photo1993—Star DISCards—#10—Wil West1993—Star DISCards—#11—David Greenwell1993—Star DISCards—#11—David Greenwell ERROR - Riley Manderschied in Photo1993—Star DISCards—#12—Terry Batten