Brochures, pamphlets, manuals, rules and more are all among the publications within this gallery.



Columbia High School Ultimate Frisbee Official Rules—1971–1972Columbia High School Ultimate Frisbee Official Rules—1971–1972 International Frisbee Hall of Fame and Museum Japanese Frisbee Slip Sheet 1976Japanese Frisbee Slip Sheet—1976  
IFA Application Card 1967IFA Application Card—1967 IFA Amateur Proficiency Rating Card IFA Expert Proficiency Rating Card  
IFA Proficiency Manual 1976IFA Proficiency Manual—1976 IFA Proficiency Manual 1979IFA Proficiency Manual—1979 IFA Field Event Competition 1979IFA Field Event Competition—1979 IFA Frisbee Contests for Novice Players 1980IFA Frisbee Contests for Novice Players—1980
IFA Competitive Freestyle JudgingIFA Competitive Freestyle Judging IFA International ContactsIFA International Contacts Wamo Product Brochure 1957Wamo Product Brochure—1957 Wham-O Dealer Freebie Card 1957Wham-O Dealer Freebie Card—1957
Wham-O Dealer Price List 1957Wham-O Dealer Price List—1957 Wham-O Sales Brochure 1957Wham-O Sales Brochure—1957 Wham-O Product Brochure 1958Wham-O Product Brochure—1958 Wham-O Sport of Frisbee Flying Discs 1976Wham-O Sport of Frisbee Flying Discs—1976
Wham-O Catalog 1977Wham-O Catalog—1977
Wham-O Team Sports Catalog 1977Wham-O Team Sports Catalog—1977
Wham-O Catalog 1978Wham-O Catalog—1978
Wham-O Premiums 1979Wham-O Premiums—1979
Nickelodeon Frisbee FlingNickelodeon Frisbee FlingContributor: Doug Korns Frisbee Fling Educator BookletFrisbee Fling Educator BookletContributor: Doug Korns Frisbee Fling ActivitiesFrisbee Fling ActivitiesContributor: Doug Korns 2016 Discraft Disc Golf GuideDiscraft Disc Golf Guide—2016Contributor: Doug Korns
DodgeBee TriFoldDodgeBeeContributor: Doug Korns FPA Basic Guide to More Fun with a Flying DiscFPA Basic Guide to More Fun with a Flying DiscContributor: Doug Korns Freestyle Frisbee - What Is It? (Italian)Freestyle Frisbee—What Is It? (Italian)Contributor: Doug Korns
What Is Disc Golf?What Is Disc Golf?Contributor: Doug Korns Get to Know Disc GolfGet to Know Disc GolfContributor: Doug Korns Disc Golf - Changing the Way People PlayDisc Golf—Changing the Way People PlayContributor: Doug Korns
AMF Voit Ultimate-DG Classic 1982AMF Voit Ultimate-Disc Golf Classic—1982Contributor: Tom McRann AMF Voit Marketing Contest 1982AMF Voit Marketing Contest—1982Contributor: Tom McRann AMF Voit BrochureAMF Voit BrochureContributor: Tom McRann AMF Voit Flyer InsertAMF Voit Flyer InsertContributor: Tom McRann
1980 P.D.G.A. Tournament RulesP.D.G.A. Tournament Rules—1980Contributor: Doug Korns Sky Croquet-Golf InstructionsSky Croquet-Golf Instructions—1960 Ken-L Ration Frisbee Flying Dog Treats—Sales MaterialsKen-L Ration Frisbee Flying Dog Treats Sales Materials—1990Contributor: Tom McManus JFA Frisbee PassportJFA Frisbee PassportJapan Frisbee Association (in Japanese)
IFA Booklet 1976IFA Booklet—1976 IFA Booklet 1977IFA Booklet—1977 IFA Booklet 1978IFA Booklet—1978 IFA Regional DirectorsIFA Regional DirectorsContributor: Dave Widener