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"Steady" Ed Headrick formed the Disc Golf Association (DGA) in 1976. The DGA promoted the installation and use of disc golf courses around the world, propagating Ed's Disc Pole Hole. DGA recruited players to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) before it was eventually spun off to be run independently.

The DGA first put their name to standard Wham-O discs promoting the Around Nine disc golf game. From there the DGA created the Night Flyer and popular Midnight Flyer discs—Wham-O molds made with heavier glow plastic.

Over the years the DGA resold molds from various manufacturers and then created discs based on molds from Discraft, Innova, and others. Eventually the DGA created its own unique discs.

Those discs are shown here, from the early Around Nine and Midnight Flyers, to the Kitty Hawk line, the Blunt Gumbputt, and everything in between; on up to the latest DGA creations.

Night/Midnight Flyers are titled with their number, mold, and stamp color. Later discs are titled with mold, disc color, hot stamp color.
Around Nine—40 Mold—Yellow—BlackAround Nine—40 Mold—White—BlackAround 9—40 Mold—Yellow—BlackNight Flyer—Blank—40 MoldNight Flyer Set—Glow1978-1-1 Night Flyer #1Night Flyer #2Night Flyer #2—GlowNight Flyer #3Night Flyer #4Night Flyer #5Night Flyer #6Night Flyer #7Night Flyer #8Midnight Flyer #4—22A Mold—Black—No TMBMidnight Flyer #4—22A Mold—Black—No TMB—GlowingMidnight Flyer Set—22A Mold—BlackMidnight Flyer Set—22A Mold—Glowing