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Created 8-Jan-18
Modified 26-Jun-22
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If it wasn't anywhere else in the Flying Disc Museum, even one of the other Miscellaneous galleries, it's probably here in the ever-so-languid land of "other" —a relaxed, unhurried, slow moving place that houses everything from vanity plates to certified Frisbie Pie Co. factory bricks, bumper stickers and decals, et al. Relax, grab a cup of joe, and pull up a comfy chair. Remember—life is short, stay awake for it.
Accessory Bag—InnovaBeef Jerky—Double G Craft JerkyBeef Jerky—Double G Craft Jerky, McBeast BBQ StyleBeef Jerky—Double G Craft Jerky, TeriyakiBeer Bottle—US Open Frisbee Championships, 2010—MinnesotaBeer Bottle—US Open Frisbee Championships, 2010—Minnesota—DetailBeer Can—ReUnion Brewery, 2021—Iowa—FrontBeer Can—ReUnion Brewery, 2021—Iowa—Left SideBeer Can—ReUnion Brewery, 2021—Iowa—Right SideBeer Mug—Brick Oven PubBeverage Opener—Sandy Point Resort—Red, SilverBIC Lighter—Smoke Your Competition, Platypus Disc GolfBottle Opener—Innova Disc Golf—Black—White, GreenBottle Opener—Innova Disc Golf—Yellow—Black, RedBottle Opener—Proto Star InnovaBottle Opener—Proto Star InnovaBrick from Original Frisbie's Pies Factory—STILESBumper Sticker—Disc Golf It's In The Air!—Black, Blue, Green, WhiteBumper Sticker—Discgolfer—Blue, Green, WhiteBumper Sticker—Dynamic Discs—Black, White