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Catalogs from disc manufacturers and disc retailers are a wealth of information. You can find details on when discs were introduced, color variations they were produced in, molds, original pricing, and more. Some catalogs provide great background on a disc's design and creation. 


AirwaresAirwares Airwares I—Dec 1981Airwares I—Dec 1981 Airwares II—1982Airwares II—1982
Boards and BeesBoards and Bees Boards and Bees—Dec 1979Boards and Bees—Dec 1979 Boards and Bees—Winter 1980Boards and Bees—Winter 1980 Boards and Bees—Supplement 1—Jan 1980Boards and Bees—Supplement 1—Jan 1980
Boards and Bees—Supplement 2—1980Boards and Bees—Supplement 2—1980 Boards and Bees—Fall 1980Boards and Bees—Fall 1980 Boards and Bees—Early 1981Boards and Bees—Early 1981 Boards and Bees—Late 1981Boards and Bees—Late 1981

Disc Golf World Sales CatalogueDisc Golf World Sales Catalogue
Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-1999Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—1999 Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2000Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2000 Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2001Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2001
Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2002Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2002 Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue-2003Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2003   Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2007Disc Golf World Sales Catalogue—2007Contributor: Jeff Harper
Disc N DatDisc N Dat Disc 'N Dat Catalog—1998Disc 'N Dat Catalog—1998    
DCW / DTW Catalogs Disc Covering the World—Club Catalog—November 1977Disc Covering the World—Club Catalog—November 1977 Disc Covering the World—Winter 1978Disc Covering the World—Winter 1978 Disc Covering the World—Summer 1978Disc Covering the World—Summer 1978
Disc Covering the World—Winter 1980Disc Covering the World—Winter 1980 Disc Covering the World Catalog 1980Disc Covering the World—1980Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas Disc Covering the World Inserts Spring 1980Disc Covering the World—Inserts—Spring 1980Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas Disc Covering the World v3n7 1981Disc Covering the World—v3n7 1981
Disc Covering the World—Supplement—Summer 1981Disc Covering the World—Supplement—Summer 1981 Disc Covering the World—Collector's Supplement—November 1981Disc Covering the World—Collector's Supplement—November 1981 Disc Covering the World—1982Disc Covering the World—1982Courtesy of DTW Disc Covering the World—Collector's Supplement—1982Disc Covering the World—Collector's Supplement—1982
Disc Covering the World—Collector's Supplement #2—October 1982Disc Covering the World—Collector's Supplement #2—October 1982 Disc Covering the World—Christmas 1982Disc Covering the World—Christmas 1982 Disc Covering the World Catalog 82-83Disc Covering the World—1982-83Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas Disc Covering the World Catalog Pre-Holiday 83Disc Covering the World—Pre-Holiday 1983Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas
Disc Covering the World—Winter 1984Disc Covering the World—Winter 1984 Discovering the World—Summer 1984Discovering the World—Summer 1984Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—Winter 1985Discovering the World—Winter 1985Courtesy of Billy Bloom Discovering the World—Winter 1985, 2nd EditionDiscovering the World—Winter 1985, 2nd EditionCourtesy of DTW
Discovering The World Summer 1985Discovering The World—Summer 1985 Discovering The World—Winter 1986Discovering The World—Winter 1986 Discovering The World—Winter 1987Discovering The World—Winter 1987 Discovering the World—Summer 1987Discovering the World—Summer 1987
Discovering The World—Winter 1988Discovering The World—Winter 1988Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—Summer 1988Discovering the World—Summer 1988Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—Winter 1989Discovering the World—Winter 1989Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—Summer 1989Discovering the World—Summer 1989Courtesy of DTW
Discovering the World—Winter 1989-90Discovering the World—Winter 1989-90Courtesy of DTW Discovering The World—Winter 1990Discovering The World—Winter 1990 Discovering The World—Summer 1990Discovering The World—Summer 1990 Discovering The World—Supplement—Fall 1990Discovering The World—Supplement—Fall 1990
Discovering the World—Summer 1991Discovering the World—Summer 1991Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—Winter 1991-92Discovering the World—Winter 1991-92Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—Summer 1992Discovering the World—Summer 1992Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—1992Discovering the World—1992Courtesy of DTW
Discovering the World—1993Discovering the World—1993Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—1994Discovering the World—1994Courtesy of DTW Discovering The World—1995Discovering The World—1995 Discovering the World—1996Discovering the World—1996Courtesy of DTW
Discovering the World—1997Discovering the World—1997Courtesy of DTW Discovering The World—1999Discovering The World—1999 Discovering The World—Fall 1999Discovering The World—Fall 1999 Discovering the World—2001Discovering the World—2001Courtesy of DTW
Discovering the World—2003Discovering the World—2003Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—2004Discovering the World—2004Courtesy of DTW Discovering the World—2005Discovering the World—2005Courtesy of DTW  
Disc Wares Catalogs Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 101—Nov78Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 101—Nov 1978Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas Disc Wares Unlimited Catalog Fall-Winter 1979-1980Disc Wares Unlimited—Fall 1979-Winter 1980Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas Disc Wares Unlimited—Flyer 701—Mar83Disc Wares Unlimited—Flyer 701—Mar 1983Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas
Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 801—June 1983Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 801—June 1983 Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 10-1—Jan 1984Disc Wares Unlimited—Catalog 10-1—Jan 1984    
Disc FlightsDisc Flights Disc Flights Fall84Disc Flights—Fall 1984 Disc Flights Spring85Disc Flights—Spring 1985 Disc Flights Winter86Disc Flights—Winter 1986
Disc Flights—1992 Frisbee Disc ListDisc Flights—1992 Frisbee Disc ListCourtesy of Steve Hartwell Disc Flights—1992 Golf Disc ListDisc Flights—1992 Golf Disc ListCourtesy of Steve Hartwell    
Discraft Catalogs Discraft Products Letter Early 83Discraft Products Letter—Early 1983Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas Discraft Catalog—1999Discraft Catalog—1999  
DreamflightsDreamflights Dreamflights—1979Dreamflights—1979    

Flying Disc MagazineFlying Disc Magazine
Flying Disc Magazine—1979Flying Disc Magazine—Mail Order—1979Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas    
Flying FrontierFlying Frontier Flying Frontier—1981Flying Frontier—1981    

Frisbee Pro ShopFrisbee Pro Shop
Frisbee Pro Shop—1978Frisbee Pro Shop—1978Courtesy of Chris Delevoryas