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MFA—4th Style—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—RedMFA—4th Style—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—RedMaker: Wham-O
Model: 119G
Style: MFA 4
Mold: 40 (also 41)
Disc Color: White
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Minnesota Frisbee Association Club Logo—Red
Date Introduced: 1977
Number Produced: 200
Period of Manufacture: 1977?
Special Notes: Fourth generation MFA club disc with FRISBEE and circle R. Fewer 41 molds were made in the run.
Contributor(s): Lightnin' Lyle Jensen

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While national or international organizations govern most disc sports today, it's the local, regional clubs, associations, or other groups that grow disc sports. They provide a local place for players to meet and interact with other players, organize local competitions, and much more.

This gallery includes discs that represent regional groups, whether a local area, state, multi-state region, or international region. Some are general Frisbee or flying disc groups, while others are specific to a single disc sport (e.g. disc golf, ultimate).

Browse through the wide variety of discs and perhaps find an organization near you that you didn't know existed.
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