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From the folks at Streamline:
What is Streamline Discs?
"Streamline Discs is a company from the minds behind MVP Disc Sports. Disc golf is about advancing the disc, and with Streamline Discs we will advance the art of solo-mold discs.
Why did we create Streamline?
At the core we’re disc nerds, always have been, even before GYRO® overmolds came about. And our design team has a seemingly endless output of ideas to enhance and build upon the sport.
For seven years we’ve been making far more complex discs than the competition, literally doing twice as much production per disc, all while keeping prices matched with the other guys. We’ve had to build the industry’s best order automation systems at MVP Distribution HQ to meet those prices.
Now with the streamlined efficiency we’ve built, we can produce a classic single piece disc (what we call a solo-mold) that’s molded better than the best out there, we can stamp it standard with 3-foil stock artwork, and we’re still able to beat the price of anyone out there."

The 'Disc Titles' you'll see in the STREAMLINE Gallery will typically start with the Mold Name, followed by the Plastic Type. If the disc has a Special Hot Stamp Name, it is listed next, and if not, you will see the Color(s) of the disc followed by the Hot Stamp Color(s).
Contributor Resources for the
Disc Golf—Streamline Gallery
Streamline Resource Spec Sheet

Mold, Plastic Type—Hot Stamp Name, or Title of Art (where applies)—Disc Color—Hot Stamp Color

Maker: Streamline
Classification: Distance Driver, Fairway Driver, Midrange, Putt & Approach
Flight Rating Numbers: 0, 0, 0, 0
Plastic Type:
PDGA Max. Weight: 000.0g
Disc Color:
Lettering/Hot Stamp: "Name of Art" Lettering; Lettering—Hot Stamp Colors
Date Introduced: 00/00/00
Date PDGA Approved: 00/00/00
Number Produced: 000 w/ COA
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Your Name

Titles & Descriptions
Quick Reference Guide
Ascend, Neutron—Graffiti—Chartreuse—Neon Rainbow, Silver Shatter, BlackFlare, Cosmic Neutron—Orange-Yellow-Green Burst—Black, Silver, Metallic GreenJet, Proton—Come Out Like A Lion—Blue—Gold Tron, Blue, BlackJet, Proton—Come Out Like A Lion—Orange—Gold Hologram, Silver, BlackLift, Cosmic Neutron—Black-Gray-Green Burst—Black, Silver, Metallic Red, OrangeLift, Eclipse Glow Proton—Lab Second—Glow—BlackLift, Neutron—DinoNauts—Pink—Green Shatter, Blue Hologram, BlackLift, Neutron—DinoNauts COAPilot, Cosmic Electron—Blue-Gray Burst—Black, Silver, GoldPilot, Cosmic Electron—Encounter At Midpoint—Maroon-Blue Burst—Gold, Black, Gold Sparkle HologramPilot, Cosmic Electron—Encounter At Midpoint COAPilot, Cosmic Electron—Froggeaux—Orange-Blue Swirl—Jelly Bean (5-Foils)Pilot, Cosmic Electron—Leppi Jam—Pink-Yellow Burst—Gold Hologram, Red-Purple Color Fade, BlackPilot, Cosmic Electron—Sir Finley—Orange-Blue Burst—Metallic Green, Metallic Grey, BlackPilot, Cosmic Electron—Sir Finley—Purple-Pink Burst—Metallic Green, Metallic Grey, BlackPilot, Cosmic Electron—Sir Finley—Yellow-Orange Burst—Metallic Green, Metallic Grey, BlackPilot, Cosmic Neutron—Blank—Green-Red-Purple-BurstPilot, Eclipse Glow Proton—Prototype—Glow—BlackPilot, Electron—J-Saww Tour Series—Gray—Black, Metallic Light BluePilot, Neutron—Orange-Green Burst—Metallic Red, Silver, Black