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Space Saucer masthead 2Space Saucer masthead 2

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Another flying disc pioneer was Ernest "Bill" Robes, a noted New Hampshire skier in the 1930s and '40s.

In the early 1950s he began tinkering with flying discs which he made by pressing sheets of hot Bolteron plastic onto an upside-down washing machine agitator…then hand stamping them with the name "Space Saucer."

The first plastic-injected-molded Space Saucers appeared in 1955, many of which were soon sold in the Dartmouth and Yale Co-ops.

When Bill quit in 1962 he had produced quite a number of collectible styles and color patterns of Space Saucers…many of which are on display in this wing of the Museum.

—Phil Kennedy
SS5—Hand-Molded—RedSS5—Hand-Molded—Red—BottomSS12—Injection Molded—TurquoiseSS12—Injection Molded—Turquois—BottomSS12—Bottom ScriptSS12—Injection Molded—GreenSS12—Injection Molded—RedSS12—Injection Molded—YellowSS12—Injection Molded—Yellow with Red SwirlSS12—Injection Molded—Yellow with Red SwirlSS12—Injection Molded—Yellow with Red Swirl—Detail—BottomSS12—Package FrontSS12—Package BackSS13—YellowSS13—Yellow, BottomSS13—Thickened Rim Profile