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If it's wearable and from the flying disc world, one can probably find it right here in the apparel gallery. With t-shirts galore from every conceivable event, tournament and organization, this assemblage makes for quite the colorful collection. Now add caps, hats, visors, headbands, shoes, socks, jackets and ties to the mix and let the party begin!
19671967 Original International Frisbee Association Logo Shirt19731973 IFT, 16th Annual Shirt1973 IFT, 16th Annual Shirt—Back19741974 Flying Disc World Shirt1974 Flying Disc World Shirt—Blue1974 Flying Disc World Shirt—Blue—Back1974 Flying Disc World Shirt—Iron on letters1974 Octad Shirt1974 Official Frisbee Freek Shirt1974 WFC Competitor's shorts—Blue1974 WFC Player's shorts—Green1974 WFC Shirt1974 WFC Shirt19751975 AFDO Shirt1975 AIR MAGIC Team Shirt1975 AIR MAGIC Team Shirt—Back