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Welcome to the Drinkware Gallery, affectionately referred to as the "Bottoms Up" repository, thanks to FDM co-founder Kevin Fuller. Here, one will find drinking vessels of all shapes, sizes, types, material composition and processing, be it stemware, glassware, goblets, mugs, cups, et al., that might have been annealed, heat strengthened, laminated, tempered, molded, extruded, rolled, blown, or thrown—the possibilities are endless . . . kinda, sorta, maybe.

Every item in the gallery has these three things in common: 1) They all have been designed and fabricated to hold a liquid beverage that can be consumed in a traditional manner via the Ostium Orale, that is to say, the mouth; 2) they all are drinking devices that were made available for purchase or first procurement without beverage containment; and 3) they all have a connection in some manner—no matter how inconsequentially tangential that might be—to the flying disc community!

Now, if one might be looking for a flyng disc related beer, wine, spirit, or other liquid concoction that was purchased or otherwise procured in a sealed beverage container, sorry, it's not here; however, if it's in the FDM, it's probably in the MISCELLANEOUS/Other Gallery.

So, here's a toast to all my FDM friends; now, go forth and use it with your favorite drinkware vessel:

"Strike hands with me. The glass is brim. The dew is on the heather. And love is good, and life is long, and friends are best together."

Lightnin' Lyle Drinkware, Gallery Manager
Cracked Plastic Classic, 2013—Mug—Frost—GreenCracked Plastic Classic, 2013—Pint Glass—Clear—BlackDisc Golf Pro Tour, 2016—Pint Glass—Blue—WhiteFields of Fortune-St. Patty's Day Flex, 2024—Pint Glass—Clear—MaroonGreater Milwaukee Open, 2008—Ironman Competitor—Tom McManusIllinois State DG Championship 2023—Pint Glass—Clear—Black—Side 1Illinois State DG Championship 2023—Pint Glass—Clear—Black—Side 2Illinois State DG Championship, 2019—Pint Glass—Clear—Black, GreenIllinois State DG Championship, 2021—Pint Glass—Blue—WhiteMug—Illinois State Disc Golf Championships, 2022 (40th)Last Call of 2006—Advanced Masters—1st Place—Tom McManusMad City Open, 2017—Pint Glass—Clear—Black—Side 1Mad City Open, 2017—Pint Glass—Clear—Black—Side 2Mad City Open, 2019—Pint Glass—Clear—Black—Side 1Mad City Open, 2019—Pint Glass—Clear—Black—Side 2Mad City Open, 2019—Pint Glass—Clear—Black—Side 2Maple Hill Open, 2013—Pint Glass—Clear—Gold—Side 2Water Bottle—Midwest Masters, 2022—Blue, Black, SilverBeer Mug—Brick Oven PubNorthwoods Open, 2018—Pint Glass—Clear—Black