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2016 FPA Hall of Fame—Pioneer Class Inductee—John Kirkland2016 FPA Hall of Fame—Pioneer Class Inductee—John KirklandMaker: The Wright Life
Awarded For: FPA Hall of Fame—Pioneer Class Inductee
Event Date: 2016
Awarded To: John Kirkland
Type: Disc shaped Plaque
Model/Mold: Size of Wham-O 80 Mold
Material(s): Wood, Metal
Dimensions: Approximately 11 inches in diameter and 1" thick
Lettering/Hot Stamp: FPA Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame; Freestyle Players Association; John Kirkland; 2016 Pioneer Class Inductee—Laser etched
Special Notes: John Kirkland is a pioneer of the sport of Frisbee and this is one of many accolades he has earned for deep involvement in the development of the sport. He is one of only 6 people who earned the FPA "Pioneer" designation. Courtesy of John Kirkland.
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

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