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Imperial No Slip Grip mastheadImperial No Slip Grip masthead

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From the Imperial Toy Company website:
Founded in 1969, Imperial Toy, LLC is the worldwide leader in the sale and manufacture of bubbles, novelty toys and more. Imperial continues to grow with award-winning proprietary brands, innovative products and the hottest nationally and internationally-known licenses.
Imperial’s proprietary brands include Super Miracle Bubble Blitz, Splat X, KAOS, and Lumination. We also pride ourselves on our sub brands namely: Super Miracle Bubbles, Miracle Bubbles, Legends of the Wild West, Life-Like, Googly, Fuzzbies, Fun in the Sun, Runway Pink, Lum Lums, & Buddy-L.
Our wide range of popular licenses include: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Little Tikes, Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, Hello Kitty, DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon and Universal’s Minions. Imperial distributes to over 75 countries worldwide, from locations in Hong Kong, San Diego, Mexico and Mississippi. Imperial Toy has its corporate office in North Hills, CA and locations in Hong Kong, San Diego, Mississippi, Tijuana, Mexico and Modena, Italy.
2-Piece Prototype—Red, Gray—BlankAir Master—Black, GoldAir Master—Green, GoldAir Master—Red, GoldAir Master—White, Gold—PackageAir Master—White, Gold—Package BackDiamond—Blank—RedDiamond—Blank—UnpigmentedDiamond—Blank—YellowDiamond—Blank—Yellow, Black PurgeDiamond—Blank—Yellow, Black Purge—BottomDiamond—Keep on Bikin'—White—Red, BlackDiamond—Love—White—RedDiamond—Mattel Soacer—Red—WhiteDiamond—USA—White—Blue, RedDiamond FB—Blank—OrangeDisky—Blank—BlueDisky—Blank—RedDisky—Victor Malafronte—Blue—BlackNo Slip Grip—Blank—Blue