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Cottonwood DG Course—Innova Mini—Blue—Metallic PinkCottonwood DG Course—Innova Mini—Blue—Metallic PinkMaker: Innova-Champion
Model: Mini
Plastic Type: Golf Weight
Size: 3.9 inches
Disc Color: Powder Blue
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Cottonwood Disc Golf Course Colorado Springs, CO Patent No. 4,568,297…..—Metallic Pink
Date Introduced: -
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

Created 28-Jun-18
Modified 24-Mar-24
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The first formal disc golf course was built in Oak Grove Park, (Pasadena, California), by Ed Headrick in 1975. As of November 24, 2020, there are around 11,300 disc golf courses in the world. These courses span the globe, from Arctic Circle Disc Golf in Kotzebue, Alaska, to Ross Island in Antarctica and from Hillcrest Farm on Prince Edward Island, Canada, to Pulai Springs Disc Golf Course in southern Malaysia.
This gallery is loaded with hundreds of disc golf courses advertising themselves. Many of them are produced by the local Parks departments to celebrate the grand opening of their new disc golf course. Others are created by local course pros, who run tournaments and sell discs on site.
The gallery has many disc makers and several models represented. Some are on mini discs while others are on the discs used to play disc golf.
The titles in this gallery typically represent the name of the course, followed by the maker and model of the disc, then the color of the disc followed by the color(s) of the hot stamp. ~ Mike Hughes
Little Flyer Mini—100 Disc Golf Course Iowa 2005—Metallic MagentaAarhus DG Course—Innova Mini—White—Metallic Red HologramAce Run Ranch DG—Discraft X2—Light Blue—Metallic BlueAddison Oaks DG Course, Hole #1—Innova Birdie—White—Metallic PurpleAlpen Golf—Lightning B-25 Mitchell—Pink—BlackAlton Baker DG Course—Innova Tern—Orange—Metallic RainbowAnna Page Park—Axiom Envy—Gold, Magenta—HologramAppleton Noon LC DG Course—Lightning Eagle—Orange—BlackAquatic Park DG Course—Discraft Stratus—Off-White—Metallic RedAxldog Acres DG Course—Innova Leopard—Glow—GoldAxldog Acres DG Course—Innova Rhino—Glow—GoldAxldog Acres DG Course—Innova Sidewinder—Glow—Metallic GreenAxldog Acres DG Course—Innova Wraith—Glow—BlackBanklick DG Course—SportFlyers Mini—Unpigmented—BlackBeaver Branch DG Course—Innova Leopard—White—BlackBerkeley Aquatic Park—Innova Aero—Yellow—Metallic SilverBird's Nest DG—John Bird—Discraft Buzzz—Off-white—SupercolorBird's Nest DG—Johnny Roberts—Discraft Surge—Off-white—SupercolorBlue Gill DG Course— Innova Wraith— White—Silver, View 2Blue Gill DG Course—Innova Wraith—White—Silver, View 1