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Canada has a rich history in flying disc sports. This gallery contains discs related to multi-event tournaments (e.g. individual all-around) held in Canada. Canadian single-event tournaments are included in their respective event-based galleries. Likewise, Canadian club/organization discs, retail discs, etc. will be found in those galleries.

Canadian tournament discs date back to the early 1970s. The Canadian Open started in 1972 at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). The Pro Model Frisbees, stamped with "CNE Irwin Frisbee Competition 1972" are the earliest examples of a disc hot stamped for a tournament. The Canadian Open was moved to Toronto Islands in 1975, and from there tournaments started popping up across the country. [Some info provided by]
1972 Canadian Open (1st)—Irwin Toy—Pro Model 16 Mold—White—Thin Band1972 Canadian Open (1st)—Irwin Toy—Pro Model 16 Mold—White—Wide Band1977 Canadian Junior Championships—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Black1977 Canadian Open (6th)—Wham-O 40 Mold—Unpigmented—Black1977 Canadian Open (6th)—Wham-O 40 Mold—Unpigmented—Red1977 Canadian Open (6th)—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Black1977 Canadian Open (6th)—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Blue1977 Canadian Open (6th)—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Gold1977 Canadian Open (6th)—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Red1977 Canadian Series Championships—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Black—Label1978 Canadian Junior Championships—Wham-O 41 Mold—White—Blue1978 Canadian Open (7th)—Wham-O 51 Mold—Glow—Blue1978 North American FDC—Discraft Sky-Pro—Blue—Blue1978 North American FDC—Discraft Sky-Pro—Tan—Blue1978 Vancouver National Series Meet—Wham-O 41 Mold—Glow—Black1978 Vancouver National Series Meet—Wham-O 51 Mold—Glow—Black1978 Vancouver National Series Meet—Wham-O Mini—White—Label1979 Canadian Open (8th)—Wham-O 51 Mold—Unpigmented—Gold1979 Canadian Open (8th)—Wham-O 80 Mold—Unpigmented—Gold1979 Canadian Open (8th)—Wham-O 80 Mold—Unpigmented—Silver