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Welcome to the MVP DISCS SPORTS Gallery. Here you'll find an assortment of Disc Golf discs available to the general public from the originator of Overmold Technology. These molds feature MVP’s signature GYRO™ rims in classic black, Eclipse™Glow white, and pure white (the few exceptions include the first production run disc produced by MVP, the ION, & the 10th Anniversary ION). Many of the artist inspired hot stamp designs are produced in very limited quantities and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) displayed next to the disc.

From the folks at MVP:
"MVP Disc Sports was founded in 2010 with the mission of growing disc golf by producing high-tech premium discs. Utilizing our patented GYRO™ Overmold Technology, MVP has established itself as the Leader of Disc Golf Technology. GYRO™ Overmold Technology is made possible with a dual-polymer concept that allows the central core to be molded with a different material than the outer rim. This Overmold design allows the outer rim to be comprised of a heavier material than the inside central core thereby creating an enhanced gyroscopic effect when spin is imparted on the disc. The gyroscopic effect stabilizes the disc’s flight and helps it better maintain its angular momentum to produce straighter, longer, and more accurate results. This new, innovative GYRO™ Overmold Technology is a tremendous leap for revolutionizing the sport of disc golf. Our latest development is Fission™ Microbubble Technology, which pairs an ultralight core with the same GYRO™ overmold as its Neutron counterpart, while maintaining a total weight in the light 150g & 160g classes."

The 'Disc Titles' you'll see in the MVP Gallery will typically start with the Mold Name, followed by the Plastic Type. If the disc has a Special Hot Stamp Name, it is listed next, and if not, you will see the Color(s) of the disc followed by the Hot Stamp Color(s).
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Disc Golf—MVP Gallery
MVP Resource Spec Sheet

Mold, Plastic Type—Hot Stamp Name, or Title of Art (where applies)—Disc Color—Hot Stamp Color

Maker: MVP Disc Sports
Style: Gyro™ (Thru 2018)
Gyro® (2019 & after. Some exceptions)
Classification: Distance Driver, Fairway Driver, Midrange, Putt & Approach
Flight Rating Numbers: 0, 0, 0, 0
Plastic Type:
PDGA Max. Weight: 000.0g
Disc Color: xxx, Black
Lettering/Hot Stamp: "Name of Art" Lettering; Lettering—Hot Stamp Colors
Date Introduced: 00/00/00
Date PDGA Approved: 00/00/00
Number Produced: 000 w/ COA
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Your Name

Titles & Descriptions
Quick Reference Guide
AMP, Eclipse Glow Proton—Glow-Blue Swirl—WhiteAMP, Neutron—Black, Purple—BlackAMP, Neutron—First Run—Black, White—Black, Metallic RedAMP, Plasma—Black, Light Blue—SilverAMP, Plasma—First Run—Black, Blue—Black, Metallic RedAMP, Proton—Blank—Black, PurpleAnode, Electron—Circuit 2018—Black, Pink—BlackAnode, R2 Neutron—Humpback—Black, White—Green Shatter, Matte Blue, BlackAnode, R2 Neutron—Snake Pit—Black—Gold Shatter, Silver Shatter, Matte RedAnode, R2 Neutron—Snake Pit COAAtom, Electron—Experimental—Black, Blue—BlackAtom, Fission—Lab Second—Black, Turquoise—BlackAxis,  Proton—Black, White—BrainwaveAxis, Plasma—Circuit 2018—Black, Red—BlackMVP—Deflector, Eclipse—VIP Series #31.1—White, Pink—Gold, Black, Metallic Red, Metallic Purple, Metallic PinkDeflector, Neutron—Deflector in Proton—Black, White—Black, Silver, Metallic BlueDeflector, Proton—Deflector in Proton—Black, Green Burst—BlackDetour, Neutron—2023 Gyropalooza JCL—Black, Green—Silver, Metallic Blue, BlackEntropy, Neutron— Black, Green-White Swirl—BlackEntropy, Plasma—Hyzerphant—Purple-Green Burst, Black—Silver, Gold, Black