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50th IFT—Tournament Founder Jake Healy Autograph50th IFT—Tournament Founder Jake Healy AutographMaker: Wham-O
Model: Official Pro Model
Style: 50th IFT
Mold: 15
Size: 9.375 inches
Disc Color: Gold
Lettering/Hot Stamp: 50th Annual International Frisbee® Tournament; june 30 - july 1, 2007 hancock, michigan; 2 bands—Black
Label/Sticker: The Julius T. Nachazel Trophy—The I.F.T. 1958-2007—
Emblematic of guts Frisbee Supremacy/
Black label with Gold lettering featuring a young Stancil Johnson holding the original trophy.
Date Introduced: 2007
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture: 2007
Special Notes: This disc is signed on the bottom by one of the IFT founders—John "Jake" Healy—in black Sharpie®.
Contributor(s): Lightnin' Lyle Jensen

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"Bet I can throw this Pluto Platter so hard that you can't catch it."

"No way, bro. Heck, I can catch your weak throws one-handed. And you don't have the guts to get in front of what I throw back at you."

“Game on!”

And so, guts, and competitive Frisbee tournaments, were invented. OK, it might not have happened exactly like that (pretty sure people didn’t say “bro” in 1958, even to their brother), but what did happen is that in the summer of 1958, with a Pluto Platter the family had acquired, the Healy family started the International Frisbee Tournament, or IFT, that has been contested for over 60 straight years.

This gallery contains discs from those tournaments or commemorating the event. And what an event. Over the years, many of the great disc players competed for the coveted Julius T. Nachazel trophy—perhaps the most beautiful in all of disc sports.
12th IFT (1969)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Misspelled Straight12th IFT (1969)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Misspelled Straight Detail12th IFT (1969)—Wham-O Mini G Mold—Gold—Eagle Harbor17th IFT (1974)—14 Mold—Fire Orange—Not For Resale Label18th IFT (1975)—15 Mold—Yellow—Stroh's IFT Label18th IFT (1975)—Super Pro 50 Mold—Yellow—Stroh's IFT Label18th IFT (1975)—Super Pro 50 Mold—Yellow—Stroh's IFT Label—Packaged18th IFT (1975)—Wham-O FB1 Mold Square Top—White—Green19th IFT (1976)—Fire Orange—14 Mold—Stroh's Beer Lover Label20th IFT (1977)—14 Mold—Fire Orange—20th IFT Label23rd IFT (1980)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—GPA Hot Stamp—White Label23rd IFT (1980)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—White Label23rd IFT (1980)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Gold Label23rd IFT (1980)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Limited Edition25th IFT (1980)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—25th IFT Label25th IFT (1982)—80E Mold—Hall of Fame—White25th IFT (1982)—80E Mold—Hall of Fame—Bottom Signatures26th IFT (1983)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Black Hot Stamp26th IFT (1983)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Black Hot Stamp—1983 GPA Label27th IFT (1984)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Yellow Hot Stamp