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Before and after mid-century plastic captured the imagination of flying disc players, an incalculable number of amateur shutterbugs and professional photographers worldwide have been documenting the amazing flight of the flying disc phenomenon. The goal of this gallery is to feature quality photography that is as captivating as it is compelling as it takes a historical look at the people, places and events that have had a lasting and significant impact on the ever-expanding world of the flying disc. Fly well...
AFDO, 1974—Jim Palmeri & Dan "Stork" RoddickFlying Saucers Reported—Ken Arnold—UP Photo—1947Freestyle Prom Photo—Allen Elliott & John Houck—1990Freestyle Promo Photo—Dan "Stork" Roddick—1993H.O.F. Inductees, 1982—25th I.F.T.—Houghton, MISpacesuit—Fred Morrison—1957Wham-O—Arthur "Spud" Melin—c. 1965Wham-O—Arthur "Spud" Melin—c. 1970s (?)Wham-O—Ed Headrick—c. 1964-5Wham-O—Fred Morrison Publicity Photo—1967Wham-O—Fred Morrison, Rich Knerr,  Spud Melin—1968Wham-O—In-Store Display—1957Wham-O—Jimmy Scala—Publicity Photo—1975Wham-O—Rich Knerr—c. 1965