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Barry Shapiro—Wham-O Ex. VP—Wham-O Mini—Glow—Copper, Metallic GreenBarry Shapiro—Wham-O Ex. VP—Wham-O Mini—Glow—Copper, Metallic GreenMaker: Wham-O, DGA
Model: Mini
Style: Midnight Flyer
Mold: D
Size: 3.9 inches
Disc Color: Glow
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Wham-O Mfg. Co.; Barry Shapiro; Executive Vice President; San Gabriel, CA—Copper, Metallic Green—Thick band TMB
Date Introduced: 1981
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

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Wham-O introduced the mini in the late 1960s. These little minis flyers were approximately 3.9 inches in diameter and were the perfect size to give to friend or customers as your "business card". The discs featured in this gallery typically have contact information on them, which makes them more like a paper business card. Many flying disc executives, collectors and players took advantage of the minis small size and useful application as a business card.
Since Wham-O's creation of the mini, dozens of other manufacturers have created similar sized flying discs for use as calling cards.
The titles in this gallery feature whose card it is, the maker and model of the flying disc, the color of the disc and the color(s) of the hot stamp ~ Mike Hughes
"The Aces"—Regional Directors—Wham-O Mini—White—Gold, Black"The Aces"—Regional Directors—Wham-O Mini—White—Silver, Black"The Aces"—Wham-O Mini—White—TurquoiseAir Aces III, IFA—Wham-O Mini—White—Metallic BlueAir Aces III, IFA—Wham-O Mini—White—RedAir Aces III, Inc., IFA—Wham-O Mini—White—GoldAir Aces Three Inc., IFA—Wham-O Mini—White—Gold, BlackAlan Beaver—PDGA #1213—Dynamic Mini-Flyer—Orange—WhiteAlbert Sandberg & Associates—Wham-O Mini—Glow—Metallic GreenAlbert TK Lewis—SportFlyers Mini—Glow—RedAlbert TK Lewis—SportFlyers Mini—Glow (Light)—RedAllan Sandberg—Wham-O Mini—Glow—Metallic GreenAllan Sandberg—Wham-O Mini—White—RedAmy Berard—Wham-O Mini—White—Silver, Metallic BlueAndrea Cummis—Mid-Atlantic Ultimate Coor.—Wham-O Mini—White—GreenAndy Fankhauser—Wham-O Mini—Red—BlackAndy Fankhauser—Wham-O Mini—White—BlackArthur Kelso Melin, Wham-O Co-Chairman, Board of Directors—Wham-O Mini—GoldBarry Shapiro—Wham-O Ex. VP—Faulkner Mini—White—Red, BlackBarry Shapiro—Wham-O Ex. VP—Wham-O Mini—Glow—Copper, Metallic Green