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"Surf Woody"—View 2"Surf Woody"—View 2Maker: Unique Produx Inc.
Designer: Henry Cavanaghs
Material: Ceramic
Size: 2.125 in. tall, 4 in. wide
Color(s): Blue, Yellow, Brown, Chrome, Black
Date Produced:
Number Produced:
Special Notes: Beautifully hand painted car with dog hanging out of the window with a disc in his mouth. May be called "Surf Woody". These designs were originally created for cookie jars.
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

Created 8-Jan-18
Modified 30-Sep-21
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Madame and monsieur, welcome to the Art & Crafts gallery. This is a collection of the finest in flying disc art, as well as many hand-crafted masterpieces. From drawings, paintings, and sculpture to handmade t-shirt quilts, and miniatures, almost anything else the creative world of the flying disc has brought to life can be found here. Profiter de mes amis. Bien voler.
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