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Created 28-Aug-22
Modified 23-Jan-23
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This gallery is a place where the FDM can share personal photos of events. These are photos that typically do not meet the strict requirements of our Photography gallery. The FDM staff will typically select 10-20 photographs that represent the event. Those photos could be of podium earners, TDs, beautiful course shots, winning putts or other throws, famous players, organizers, etc. We have set up the gallery per event for now. All photography for an event will be co-mingled with other photographers. All photos in this gallery have generally been identified by the photographer or from friends, family, event attendees or others who can make a positive identification.
Mike Hughes~
Victor MalafronteMonika LouJon CohnJohn Kirkland and Gee KirklandJim PalmeriLibrary Bar vs. Guts All-StarsKarl "Mountain" KrohneRose Bowl EntranceAirbrush RaceKen WesterfieldThe TunnelCynthia BirchBill KingJohn ConnollyUltimate ExhibitionJoey Hudoklin and Richie SmitsJohn KirklandAshley WhippetAlex Stein and Ashley Whippet