Nighthawks Ultimate—Tulsa—Wham-O 80E Mold—Red—Black, SilverNighthawks Ultimate—Tulsa—Wham-O 80E Mold—Red—Black, SilverMaker: Wham-O
Model: 165G
Mold: 80E
Disc Color: Red
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Tulsa Nighthawks Ultimate; Coach Sloan--Heavy Hodgins--Spt. Slap Conrad--W. Price--T. Egan--Bungus Clark--B. Exline--j. Starr--R. Gray--Brian Hale--Big Sloan--Disc Awareness>------>Buff Blanton--J. Exline—Black, Silver—Split band TMB
Date Introduced: 1982
Number Produced: 50
Period of Manufacture: 1982
Special Notes: Designed by Chris Sloan. The red plastic was chosen because it softened in the sun and got "sticky," and because custom red discs were uncommon so it was somewhat unique. Wham-O produced them in white, but made 50 in red to make up for the error. Read the whole story in the IFDCA newsletter, page 7.
Contributor(s): Kevin Fuller

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