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N.M. Senior Citizens Olympics—Wham-O Mini—White—GreenN.M. Senior Citizens Olympics—Wham-O Mini—White—GreenMaker: Wham-O
Model: Mini
Mold: D
Size: 3.9 inches
Disc Color: White
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Support N.M. Senior Citizens Olympics—Green
Date Introduced: -
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

Created 10-Jun-18
Modified 15-May-22
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Disc related events are found throughout the museum under their specific headings. In this gallery, you will find all sorts of events that are not necessarily related to flying discs. In here you will see car shows, festivals, picnics, the Olympics and even some World's Fairs.
Besides the Antique galleries, this gallery holds some of the oldest discs in the museum. Many of these are from the early to mid 1970's with some very unique molds and hot stamps.
The titles in here represent the event, followed by the manufacturer and its mold. Then there is the disc color and the hot stamp color(s)
~ Mike Hughes
A Celebration of Youth, 1990—Innova Mini—Blue—YellowA Celebration of Youth, 1990—Innova Mini—White—GreenA Celebration of Youth, 1990—Innova Mini—White—PinkA Celebration of Youth, 1990—Innova Mini—Yellow—GreenA Celebration of Youth, 1990—Innova Mini—Yellow—GreenBarkers 1976 Seminar—Wham-O FB2 Mold—Red, BlueBritish Olympic Appeal—Faulkner Mini—White—Red, BlueCav~oil~cade Antique Automobile Show—Innova Mini—Blue—Metallic Pastel RainbowCav~oil~cade Antique Automobile Show—Innova Mini—Orange—BlackCav~oil~cade Antique Automobile Show—Innova Mini—Orange—Metallic Pastel RainbowCav~oil~cade Antique Automobile Show—Innova Mini—Pink—Metallic Pastel RainbowCav~oil~cade Antique Automobile Show—Innova Mini—Red—GoldCav~oil~cade Antique Automobile Show—Innova Mini—White—Metallic Pastel RainbowCav~oil~cade Antique Automobile Show—Innova Mini—Yellow—BlackCollege Days '84—Discraft Sky-Styler—Black—GoldColt & Dumont—Carnivale Mardi Gras Festival Tropicale—White—Red, BlueCoors Intramural CampusFest—AMF Voit Sport Disc—White—Red, BlackCoors Intramural Festival—Wham-O 80C Mold—White—Red, BlackFestival for MIND-BODY-SPIRIT, 5th—Faulkner Mini—Chartreuse—MultipleFestival for MIND-BODY-SPIRIT, 5th—Faulkner Mini—Glow—Multiple