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For the Love of Disc

April 03, 2024  •  Leave a Comment
—By Steve Mooney— Folded neatly in between two developments, my son Ben and I find the newest disc golf course Prescott Arizona has to offer. “This must be it,” Ben announces as we tuck into what looks less like a park and more like one of those utility roads that lead to nowhere. “It’s so new, all they have are the baskets,” he says loping ahead,...
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Controversial Jump Putts: History and Solution

August 05, 2023  •  10 Comments
—By Scott Zimmerman— Despite the lightning fast growth of disc golf, by and large the PDGA Rules Committee does a good job continually working to improve the rules to make them fair and easy to apply. But in this post I’ll explain why the falling putting rule badly needs surgery. We’ll cover how jump putts and step putts differ, how the workflow o...
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Mini Mania—mini discs keep good company!

November 30, 2022  •  4 Comments
—by Mark Powers— This is a tale of my many varied and zany efforts to pitch (or perhaps “fly”) the idea of a mini frisbee to prospective advertisers to promote their product in a unique fashion. What better way to get your message across to consumers than a little indestructible plastic disc that connects to their inner kid in a playful yet sublim...
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K-9 N-Counters

May 11, 2022  •  2 Comments
—by Mark Powers— I’ve had dogs as close companions all my life—sure, I’ve had cats and fish and birds as well to share rooms and toys and beds with—but they all sensed that I’m primarily a dog-lover and they came to realise their lower place on the pet totem pole. Whenever I came into the room they would wait patiently for me to praise the diva do...
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Frisbees Unleash Neuroresponses: The Science of Collecting

February 09, 2022  •  2 Comments
—by Lightnin' Lyle Jensen— TO BOLDLY GO... I think the first time I ever put pen to paper with regard to collecting flying discs was in 1975 when I wrote Dan "Stork" Roddick a simple letter of introduction with an arm's-length query about a deep purple, first-period (most collectors I knew back then used the term period or generation; now style is...
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From Great Heights

January 19, 2022  •  5 Comments
—by Mark Powers— What is it with the combination of towering objects and the compulsion for an avid Frisbee fanatic to toss a disc off into the great void from those menacing heights? From my own experience, it is the satisfaction of watching that disc soar and glide effortlessly into the distance, free from gravity for a few brief moments and une...
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'Twas the Night Before Rose Bowl

December 24, 2021  •  2 Comments
—By Kevin Fuller (with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)— ’Twas the night before Rose Bowl, when all through the dorm, Not a person was resting, anxious to perform. The discs were all prepped to throw far, straight, and with Zs, In hopes that their flights would be far and catch breeze. A few players passed out somewhere near their beds, W...
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Kaposia Community Makes a Meaningful Difference for the Paul McBeth Foundation

December 08, 2021  •  2 Comments
—by Billie Sage Ashton— Imagine you're an avid disc golfer and an attorney by trade in the Twin Cities community and while browsing through Instagram, you come across a post from five-time World Disc Golf Champion, Paul McBeth, who was specifically canvassing to see if there was anyone out there on social media who not only played disc golf but wa...
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Learning to Throw

November 17, 2021  •  2 Comments
—By Steve Mooney— None of us started with disc in hand. No, we started with everything but. We started when someone first handed us an object, like a ball, but not necessarily, and we threw it. A Matchbox toy, a piece of Lego, a Lincoln log hurled through the air only to be told not to. Told over and over again. No! Then redirected. Childhood less...
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The Complete Spin... A YEAR IN REVIEW

October 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
—by Lightnin' Lyle Jensen— A little over a year ago the founders of the Flying Disc Museum concluded their discussions of what a museum blog might look, feel and sound like to our readers which resulted in the September 18, 2021, launch of the FDM's The Complete Spin … blog. Now that our blog has celebrated its first anniversary, it seems more tha...
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The Wham-O Trademark Band

August 11, 2021  •  1 Comment
—By Kevin Fuller— With the Tokyo Olympics recently completed, let us turn our attention to another set of rings. No, not an in-depth look at early Pro and mini labels, but Wham-O's adornment of nearly all discs from the end of the 1970s, through the Kransco years, until the company's sale to Mattel. Let's start at the beginning (a very good place...
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The Perfect Putt!

July 14, 2021  •  5 Comments
—By Jim Palmeri— Currently, there are a relatively large variety of chain pole hole targets approved for use by the PDGA. Let’s start this putting story with a quick review of the origin and genesis of the chain pole hole type of disc golf target. The general Frisbee culture of flinging flying discs for fun, recreation and competitive sports as w...
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Have Pie, Will Fly: Discussion and Illustration of Frisbie Pie Company Collectibles

June 23, 2021  •  3 Comments
—By Davis Johnson— ====== Part II ====== Welcome back for a second helping of pie! Though, surely you can’t wait to tuck into Part 2 of “All Things Frisbie,” due to readers’ overwhelming and inexplicable interest in the ongoing efforts to mathematically compute Pi, we begin with a group of social influencers pictured attempting to do just that—no...
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Have Pie, Will Fly: The Frisbie Pie Company—Launchpad for a Pastime

May 19, 2021  •  3 Comments
—By Davis Johnson— ====== Part I ====== It all started with an epic thunderstorm, the kind that seems to occur with dramatic sea changes in my life. It was a sultry mid-August Friday in the late 1990s, and Rick Williams had come to join me at my parents’ vacation home in northern New Hampshire for a disc golf tournament the following day in neigh...
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In Memoriam: A Conversation with Stancil Johnson

April 24, 2021  •  1 Comment
I am sure you all know that we recently lost flying disc legend and pioneer Dr. Stancil Johnson. Stan, as his friends knew him, has been described as the poet laureate of Frisbee who may have very well altered the course of flying disc history with his delightfully penned FRISBEE: A practitioner's manual and definitive treatise. In fact, a number o...
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