The Complete Spin... A YEAR IN REVIEW

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The Complete Spin... A YEAR IN REVIEWThe Complete Spin... A YEAR IN REVIEW

—by Lightnin' Lyle Jensen—

A little over a year ago the founders of the Flying Disc Museum concluded their discussions of what a museum blog might look, feel and sound like to our readers which resulted in the September 18, 2021, launch of the FDM's The Complete Spin… blog. Now that our blog has celebrated its first anniversary, it seems more than apposite to take a reflective look at all that filled the digital (paper is traditional, but…) pages in its inaugural year. So, here's our first-ever, God help us…not the last, The Complete Spin… A YEAR IN REVIEW.

After spending much of my professional life encouraging corporate creative types to favorably fill the vacuous void of radio, TV, and print advertising, I'd be the first to admit the net results of ideation collectives rarely exceed the conceiver’s initial vision—meet, yes; exceed, not so much. So, how does one evaluate the efficacy, or better yet, assess the success, of a blog bewitchingly birthed from a poly-preservationist, not-for-profit, public platform—designed for and made available to an all-too-often untapped legion of passionate plastic provocateurs? Acronymic interweb jargon notwithstanding, suffice it to say—or if your linguistic leanings prefer, suffice to say—either way, IDK. So after all that superfluous polysyllabic, mumbo jumbo, you're thinking I'm throwing my hands up or the towel in. Right?

Don "Sauce" Cain—16.72 MTA World Record—Wham-O Mini16.72 Seconds Thalia—Muse with her Space SaucerThaliaMuse with her Space Saucer Not really, but try typing the words "goals of a blog" into your search engine of choice, and if you're using the same "BIG G, little o" one I am, you'll receive over three-quarters of a billion results in three-quarters of a second…or less. Of course, YMMV, but for the love of polypropylene, let’s table the table of S.M.A.R.T. goal metrics for just 16.72 seconds and take a coupla deep, cleansing breaths. Feel better? I know I do and I also know that going eyes-wide-open into the creation of The Complete Spin… gave the FDM founding fathers the freedom (in our part of the flying disc universe, anyway) to bring about an open-to-all-comers blog—a place to deftly dive as deeply as any of the nine muses magically move and motivate. Suffice to say, there were some folks from the faithful Frisbee family who have had something significant to say at length (1000+ words)—in a Facebook post or ten [guilty as charged, officer Thalia]—who were in need and deserving of a well-anchored, albeit unfettered, all-things-Frisbee forum… pretty much. So why not give it a shot; how hard could it be anyway? After all, if some 600 million blogmeisters worldwide can make a go of it, why not us—a handful of disciples dedicated to the history and preservation of all things flying disc.

Dashboards by Google and StudebakerDashboards by Google and Studebaker Okay. Back to S.M.A.R.T. goal metrics for just a sec. Some marketing mavens love to preach the pitfalls vs. the profundity of leaning too heavily on analytics and not paying attention to the setting of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound goals. Be relieved to know that a mind numbing in-depth analysis of all things Google Analytics ain't goin' to happen here, today. First and foremost, the formulation of that analysis is way beyond my liberal arts pay grade. However, if you're interested in hearing about the dashboard I restored for a '55 Studebaker President Speedster in Sonora Beige, color code 7888, call me. So, for now, let's take a look at the semi-S.M.A.R.T. goals we set for the first year of The Complete Spin… and see how we fared:

GOAL 1: Release a new blog posting a minimum of once every 4 weeks or 13x/year.

Mr. RichMr. Rich Going in we thought once a month would be acceptable, once every four weeks admirable, once every three weeks would be amazing, and twice a month—highly improbable. Drum roll, 4 RB WPP2s4 RB WPP2s
Mr. Rich…we averaged one new blog posting every three weeks! That's 17 postings, so by
our estimation going into the year, I give our inaugural rollout performance four root beer, style 2, Wham-O Pluto Platters!


GOAL 2: Provide a sustainable mix of practical, noteworthy and appealing content areas, ideas and treatments.

The key words here are sustainable and content. One of our biggest concerns pre-launch centered on quality and our ability to sustainably deliver valued content month after month in an authentically compelling and viable manner. I will admit that editorial proximity clouds my objectivity to some degree, but I think the variety found in our first year was nothing short of Phenomenal—emboldened and underlined with a full-tilt fancy capital "P." Quite honestly, where else in the greater flying disc universe can one find a blog with such organically-driven and -delivered diversity of expression? Everything you ever wanted to know and more about: reflections and insights on collecting and its origins; Midnight Flyers; Pie Tins and the Frisbie Pie Co; CHING® and the Full Color process; the far out history of throwing far; Wham-O® Trademark Bands; INNOVA XDs; the Minnesota Frisbee Association; Strange Tales of Plastic Teleportation; Playing in the Wham-O $50,000 Tournament; the making of Rude Boys Ultimate; the future of disc golf catching devices; and an In Memoriam conversation with the late, great Stancil E. D. Johnson.

As for the look and feel or the "treatment" of the blog postings, remember some 700+ words back when I said, "net results of ideation collectives rarely exceed the conceiver’s initial vision"? Well, my friends, the collaborative efforts of the individual bloggers DesPat aloneDesPat alone and the FDM team shattered that paradigmatic thinking. Outstanding! A 4 ATPPs4 ATPPs matchless four American Trends Pluto Platter performance rating with a
bonus Des. Pat. 
Pro in the package for style points.

GOAL 3: Feature a diverse base of writer-bloggers with an array of interests and insights.

T. T. LoganT. T. Logan We've pretty much covered the "array of interests and insights" in the Goal 2 review which fits fist in glove with the diversity of the FDM bloggers—a bona fide powerhouse of plastic penners personified—authors, historians, and multiple world champions; dreamers, schemers and ultimate players; movers, shakers, and world record breakers; insiders, legends, and collectors galore; disc golfers aplenty, and so, so much more! 'Nuff said! Or as Mr. T. T. Logan exclaims, "Excellent." With heartfelt appreciation, I thank our collaborative cadre of first year FDM bloggers: Dan "Stork" Roddick; Steve Lee; Billie Ashton; Kevin Fuller; Davis Johnson; Steve Mooney; Scott Zimmerman; Phil Kennedy; Marvin P. Paul; Mike Holgate; Joe Feidt; and Jim 4 Masters4 Masters
Palmeri. You have set the bar remarkably high, my friends. Bravo! This masterful group deserves nothing less than a four Master Tournament Model rating. Serial Number 00001, no less!

In addition to the three aforementioned goals, there were two overriding standards that have been fundamental to the success of The Complete Spin… blog:

  1. Preserve the character, expression and distinctive voice of each blogger.
  2. Uphold and support the foundational principles of the Flying Disc Museum.

First-year By the Numbers

  • Postings: 17
  • Longest Post: 3322 words
  • Total Length: 32,633 words
  • Average Length: 1920 words
  • Total Views All Posts: 12,566
  • Average Views per Post: 739
  • Most Viewed Post: 1233
  • Total Pictures: 333
  • Average Pics per Post: 20
  • Most Pictures in a Post: 48

alphaalpha Omega, Supersoft, 1.30—Yellow—BlackOmega It and variety—these two words are the alpha and omega of the FDM's first-year blogs. It holds a distinctive place as one of the top ten words most used in the English language, so what better way to so all inclusively kick off our FDM blog's first post than with it as its first word. And variety—the oft-cited proverb proclaims variety is the spice of life, but in a blog variety is practically elevated to lifeblood status. As we set out to build a blog, we knew it had to be inviting, entertaining and compelling in its content and variety. Never in my wildest dreams (now take a moment to let that sink in, 1… 2…) could I have imagined a more beautiful bevy of bloggers who'd line up shoulder-to-shoulder with such alarming alacrity to share their insights into the plastic paradise we all so enjoy and so deeply wish to preserve. All of us at the museum can't thank each of you enough for your selfless contributions to The Complete Spin… blog. I, personally, am deeply touched by your willingness to step up and share your voice and your stories with the greater flying disc community. Thank you one and all, and here's to an even better year two!

I hope you enjoyed the read and gained some new insights into the wonderful world of all things flying disc, and maybe, just maybe, you got inspired to share your unique voice with the greater Frisbee community, too. Kevin and I can't wait to hear from ya, so hit us up or simply go to the FDM site and scroll down to FDM BLOG and send us your ideas for a blog posting. Two things you can count on as an FDM blogger: you'll be in good hands and even better company!

Frisbee ad libitum,
Lightnin' LyleLightnin' Lyle
FDM Blog Guy



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About the Author:
Lightnin' Lyle JensenLightnin' Lyle Jensen

Lightnin' Lyle is a creative's creative with a love of language, the arts and two-thirds of a pun, as evidenced in his gonzo style collecting posts—gleefully filled with affectation, allusion, hyperbole and collecting factoids. For over forty years, Lyle has been inking the triumphs and travails of Django Spinhardt and Dr. J as they wend their way through life as anthropomorphic flying discs in the comic strip FLIGHT LINES. Against all odds, Lightnin' surreptitiously became a founder of the MN Frisbee Association, Minnesota's first IFA-certified WCFM, an inaugural inductee of the MN Disc Sports HoF, and a Disc Golf World News "PDGA Master-of-the-20th-Century." By the grace of God and the luck of Lachesis, Lyle amassed a formidable collection of Pluto Platters after his father gave him a root beer, first style in '57. [In real life, Lyle is married to Pamela (former I.F.A. NAS tournament director), has two daughters and two grandchildren, and is the guitarist, songwriter and front man for the band GREYBEARD.]



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