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Nabisco—Oreo—BrownNabisco—Oreo—BrownMaker: Nabisco
Model: Oreo
Size: 8.375 inches
Disc Color: Dark Brown
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Oreo
Date Introduced: Early 1970s
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: Very thin vacuum formed plastic. No icing included!
Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy

Created 22-Feb-18
Modified 27-May-24
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We all know what a flying disc looks like...right? Round, flat on top, concave underneath; aerodynamically flight-worthy.
Well, all of the discs in this gallery cleverly look like something else. What that is depends on the creative mind of the designer.
Here you'll find flying donuts, cookies, Life Savers, tires, name it. Even several versions of (ahem) "meadow muffins"...which, btw, may have been some of the very first items to be tossed during prehistoric times!
If it's round, it's fair game for mimicry!
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