Hot Items—Flapjack—PackageHot Items—Flapjack—PackageMaker: Hot Items Inc
Model: Flapjack
Size: 9.25 inches
Disc Color: Orange
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Black: Flapjack
Date Introduced: 1978
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture: Late 1970s
Special Notes: Rubber. Used for "Hall Guts" games in college dormitories in the 1970s. Artwork by Baron (a knock-off of the Nerf Disk art by Jack Davis). This disc was produced by Funstuf Inc from 1973–1978.
Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy
Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of weird flying discs. This is where inventive minds have combined the senses of touch, sight, hearing, and wonder with more familiar objects of flight. Here you'll find flying discs that whistle or buzz when thrown, or record audio for playback; light up for night time play; mimic an everyday round flat object such as a pizza or bottle cap; or are constructed of non-plastic materials such as wood or foam rubber. Some of the novelty items are just unusual designs or sizes. Some are engineered from multiple components. Prepare to be surprised! Bring your sense of humor and have fun exploring this unique wing of our museum.
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