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"Surf Woody" Salt & Pepper Shakers"Surf Woody" Salt & Pepper ShakersMaker: Unique Produx Inc.
Designer: Henry Cavanagh
Material: Ceramic
Size: 4 x 2.375 x 2.125 inches (LxWxH)
Color(s): Blue, Yellow, Brown, Chrome, Black
Date Produced:
Number Produced:
Special Notes: Beautifully hand painted car with dog hanging out of the window with a disc in his mouth. Given that they are hand-painted, seems like they should have made the pepper shaker a black lab. Referred to as "Surf Woody."
Contributor(s): Kevin Fuller

Created 8-Sep-18
Modified 20-Feb-22
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It's a small world, after all. No, not that one, this one—the one made up figurines, statuettes, action figures, automata, and all things ornamental from the wonderful world of flying discs. Filled with myriad miniatures of all kinds, these delightful figures are made from many media including clay, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, and resin to name just a few. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy the ride, and there might just be a piece that's perfect for next year's Festivus celebration when something so irresistibly cuddly and cute actually adorns that plain aluminum pole! Bonus­—no earworm-like involuntary musical imagery found in this gallery. Enjoy.
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