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Black—Wham-O 15 Mold—Gold IFABlack—Wham-O 15 Mold—Gold IFAMaker: Wham-O
Model: Pro Model
Mold: 15
Disc Color: Black
Lettering/Hot Stamp: International Frisbee Disc Association—Gold—Block Band Stacked TMB
Label/Sticker: IFA State Championships label—Black on Gold Foil
Date Introduced: 1980
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

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The International Frisbee Association (IFA) was founded in 1967 by Wham-O Mfg. vice president, Ed Headrick. Its original purpose was to handle the strong consumer responses to the products and to satisfy Ed's own personal fascination with the Frisbee disc. In 1975 Ed hired Dan "Stork" Roddick to head the IFA. Dan was instrumental in establishing the National Series meets, he began the affiliate club program, started the publication Frisbee disc World, initiated international ties and developed and implemented the regional director program. Through these efforts, the purpose of the IFA changed to being an effective promotional effort for Wham-O Mfg. Co. and as a source of information and opportunities for enthusiasts of the sport. Later the IFA established a mail order program and these discs were a result of their marketing efforts.
The IFA set of discs represent 15 colors sprinkled over 9 different molds. Prior to 1983, other than stock discs, this collection had the largest number of different discs with the same hot stamp. The first disc produced with the circular IFA hot stamp was the clear fastback around July of 1979. This hot stamp was produced until the end of 1981. At that time, the IFA adopted a new hot stamp design. The new hot stamp, which features reversed lettering, 2 IFA globes, a solid inner band and a split TMB was introduced on a clear FB with a metallic gold and purple hot stamp. It was produced in the fall/winter of 1981.
The discs are listed in approximate chronological order. Production dates come from when the discs were first available in the Factory Connection in Frisbee World magazine. The production numbers were recorded at the time of production and coordinated with the then head of Wham-O shipping Tim Selinske. After the first 25 or so discs, the order is not specifically known. Unfortunately, while accurate tracking was done of the production numbers, the date of production was not recorded, other than what was listed in Frisbee Worlds.
Unpigmented—Wham-O FB6 Mold—Gold IFABlue—Wham-O 50 Mold—Gold IFAYellow—Wham-O 50 Mold—Black IFABlack—Wham-O 15 Mold—Gold IFAFire Orange—Wham-O 80 Mold—Gold IFAFire Orange—Wham-O 50 Mold—Gold IFAFire Orange—Wham-O 50 Mold—Silver IFAFire Orange—Wham-O 50 Mold—White IFAFire Orange—Wham-O 40 Mold—Gold IFAFire Orange—Wham-O 40 Mold—Silver IFAFire Orange—Wham-O 40 Mold—White IFAUnpigmented—Wham-O FB6 Mold—Metallic Blue IFARed—Wham-O 23A  Mold—Black IFABlue—Wham-O 23A Mold—Black IFARed—Wham-O 80 Mold—Gold IFAAqua Blue Glow—Wham-O 100 Mold—Gold IFAAqua Blue Glow—Wham-O 100 Mold—BlankBlue—Wham-O 80 Mold—Gold IFABlue—Wham-O 41 Mold—Gold IFAIce Blue HDX—Wham-O 80 Mold—Gold IFA