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Steve McCullough—Flazer—Blank—Black—SideSteve McCullough—Flazer—Blank—Black—SideMaker: Steve McCullough
Mold: Flazer
Flight Rating Numbers: PFN
Plastic Type:
PDGA Max. Weight:
Disc Color: Black
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Blank
Date Introduced: 1989
Date PDGA Approved: Not Approved
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes: Disc was designed by Steve McCullough of Wethersfield, CT who produced only a handful of prototypes. Dan Berman was later involved with its promotion. This controversial disc initiated strict PDGA regulations on edge design due to its dangerous razor-thin edge.
Contributor(s): Phil Kennedy

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Welcome to the OTHER GOLF Gallery. Here you'll find an assortment of Disc Golf discs available to the general public from a variety of some lesser known disc makers. Below is a list of the makers currently displayed in this gallery.

1080 Disc Golf. The Radius Driver being their only PDGA approved disc in 2007. No longer in business.
ABC Discs. Founded by Dan Pastore. Based in Sycamore, Illinois. Their first disc was PDGA approved in 2010.
Aerobie. Founded by Stanford Engineering Professor Alan Adler in 1984.
Above Ground Level. Since 2011. AGL operates out of San Jose, California and focuses on a tree theme and recycled materials in their discs.
Alfa Discs. The first Norwegian made discs. Manufacturing began in 2021.
AMF Voit. Sports equipment manufacturer Based in Mexico. Made discs for Disc Golf during the 1980s.
Ben-Wal Plastics. Originally from Van Nuys, California. Molded golf discs in the early 1980s. No longer manufacturing discs.
Birdie Disc Golf. Birdie was launched in 2018 by Derek and Gina Fell.
Brand X. Started in the mid-1970s by Les DeWitt, who later hired Tom Schot, who in turn brought in Victor Malafronte.
Ching. Original owner: Mike Holgate. Discs were molded in China and by Innova Discs.
Clash Discs. A Finnish disc manufacturer. The PDGA approved their first discs in late 2021.
Daredevil Discs. Launched in 2002 by Ultimate players Wah Phung-Lu and Mike Seaby. The largest Canadian disc manufacturer. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
DiscWing. The U.K. based brand, Founded by Johnny Potts in 2005. No longer in business.
Divergent Discs. The PDGA approved their first discs in 2021.
DKG Discs. 8-discs were PDGA approved in 2010. No longer in business.
Elevation Disc Golf. Founded by husband and wife team, Austin and Macy. Elevation produces unique rubber polymer discs. Their first disc was PDGA approved in 2020.
Finish Line. Owned by disc golfer Drew Gibson PDGA #48346.
Fly High Discs. Founded by disc golfer Scott Stokely PDGA #3140 & Fly Green Disc Golf. Based in Centennial, Colorado. All of their discs were named after cannabis strains. No longer growing discs.
Hyzerbomb. Developed and manufactured by Millennium Discs.
Infinite Discs. Based in Logan, Utah. Founded in 2012 as a disc retailer, has now expanded to feature their own full line-up of discs.
Kastaplast. Founders Jonas Lindberg, Anders Kallstrom, & Per Jonson. Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their first disc was PDGA approved in 2013.
Loft Discs. The first Danish disc golf manufacturer. Their first disc was PDGA approved in 2020.
Lone Star Disc. A family owned disc manufactured based in Conroe, Texas. Their first disc was PDGA approved in 2020.
Mint Discs. An Austin, Texas based disc manufacturer founded in 2015.
Plastic Addicts. A Peoria, Illinois based company owned by Johnnie Harrison. 2-Discs were PDGA approved in 2016.
Prodiscus. The first Finnish made discs. Manufacturing began in early 2010.
RPM Discs. HQ in Auckland, New Zealand. Their first disc was PDGA approved in 2006. Also designs and installs disc golf courses. AKA 'Koru Disc Parks'.
Thought Space Athletics. Founded in 2012 by Aaron Wilmot. Graphic designer Tony Graystone partnered with TSA in 2018. They now also offer graphic design services to other disc manufacturers.
Viking. Disc manufacturer based in Vantaa, Finland. Their first disc was PDGA approved December 2016.
Wing It Disc Golf. Founded by brothers Eric & Jamin Bingham in 2021. Their discs are molded by Freeform Polymers of North Logan, Utah.
Yikun Discs. A large disc manufacturer based in Ningbo, China. Founded in 2008. They mold discs for all disc sports and are active with promotion of disc sports in Asia. (34) golf discs are currently PDGA approved from 2013 thru 2021.

Disclaimer: All information compiled was provided by either the manufacturers website, PDGA Specs, or other online archive resources.
Info Contributor(s): Robert Wright
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1080—Radius Driver, 1.1 First Run—Blue—Black1080—Radius Driver, 1.1 First Run—Blue—Black—Bottom1080—Radius Driver, 1.1 First Run—Off-white—Black1080—Radius Driver, 1.1 First Run—Off-white—Black—Bottom1080—Radius Short Range, 1.1 First Run—Black—GoldABC—BeelineABC—Flying Squirrel, Premium—First Run—Blue—Metallic Green, TanABC—Flying Squirrel, Premium—First Run—Red—BlueABC—Flying Squirrel, Premium—First Run—Red—Metallic Green, TanABC—Gamma Ray, Gold—Red—BlackABC—Gamma Ray, Gold—Yellow—BlackABC—Mission, Platinum—Black—YellowABC—Mission, Premium—First Run—Blue—BlackABC—Money, Bronze—Black—GoldABC—Money, Bronze—First Run—Blue—GoldABC—Money, Bronze—Green—Metallic RedABC—Secret Weapon, Gold—First Run—Yellow—Metallic RedAerobie—Arrow—Red—GoldAerobie—Arrow—Yellow—GoldAerobie—Arrow—Yellow—Gold—Packaged