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Frisbee Premium Program—Wham-O FB2 Mold Square Top—Orange—Gold, Black, WhiteFrisbee Premium Program—Wham-O FB2 Mold Square Top—Orange—Gold, Black, WhiteMaker: Wham-O
Model: Fastback
Style: Square Top
Mold: FB2
Disc Color: Orange
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Now You've Caught the Idea Frisbee Premium Program—White, Gold, Black
Date Introduced: 1975
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture:
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Mike Hughes

Created 10-Jun-18
Modified 29-Apr-24
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Every since flying discs were invented, businesses of all types have used them for advertising. The museum features some discs that are well over 50 years old so it is a testament to how long lasting advertising on a flying disc can be.
This gallery features a large variety of businesses on dozens of Maker's discs. These are businesses that do not fit into any of the more refined galleries you will find in the Promotional area of the museum.
Some of the discs will have photographs of the bottom of the disc, making it easier for a patron to see if a disc they own is made by the same manufacturer.
The titles represent the name of the business, the maker and model of the disc, followed by the color of the disc and then the color of the hot stamp.
This gallery also features many discs from the various disc catalogs that existed in the late 70s and 80s~Mike Hughes
#1—Wham-O FB2 Mold Square Top—White—Red2 Stroke—Discraft Cyclone—Blue—Metallic Green (Working on research)2 Stroke—Discraft Cyclone 2—Blue—Metallic Rainbow (Working on research)2 Stroke—Innova Mini—Yellow—Metallic Purple2SM 1270—Disc Sport Ltd Mini—Orange—Metallic BlueAerial Communications—Unknown—Yellow—WhiteAerosphere Products—The Gorbee Flyer—Innova Mini—Red—BlackAerosphere Products—The Gorbee Flyer—Innova Mini—Red—Metallic GreenAerosphere Products—The Gorbee Flyer—Innova Mini—White—BlackAerosphere Products—The Gorbee Flyer—Innova Mini—White—BlueAIWA—Wham-O FB22 Mold—Blue—GoldAlco Dispensing Systems—Imagine That FF—Red—BlackAnthony's Department Store—Imagine That FF—Orange—BlackAnthony's Department Store—Imagine That FF—Red—WhiteArgus Tapes & Records—Wham-O FB16 Mold—Red—BlackAshley Whippet Museum—DTW, Fastback—Red—HologramAshleys Ice Cream—Discraft Sky-Styler—Unpigmented—GreenB&B Hardware—Little Flyer Mini—White—Metallic BlueB&E Sales—Cosom Flying Saucer—Red—Best Ever StickerBagel Nosh—Wham-O FB3 Mold—Yellow—Red