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The discs in this gallery reflect the club teams across the decades of ultimate. Prior to the emergence of professional teams, clubs represented the highest level of competitive teams in the sport (and some would argue that the best club teams continue to be as good or better than professional league teams).

This club team gallery includes mixed, open, women. and youth teams. The discs mostly represent the teams or championships won.

School teams (all ages/levels) and professional teams each have their own galleries.
Aero Dynamics—Houston—Wham-O 81 Mold—White—BlackAero Dynamics—Houston—Wham-O 81 Mold—White—Blue, BlackBad Dog—Discraft Ultra-StarBFG—Seattle—Aria—White—GoldBrute Squad—Boston—Aria—White—Blue, RedCanadian National Team—1990 World Tour—SportFlyers Mini—Glow—GoldCondors—'77 World Champs—Santa Barbara—Wham-O 80 Mold—White—BlueCondors—'77-'78 World Champs—Santa Barbara—80 Mold—White—BlackCondors—'77-'78 World Champs—Santa Barbara—80 Mold—White—Black, GoldCondors—'77-'78 World Champs—Santa Barbara—80 Mold—White—Black, SilverCondors—'77-'78 World Champs—Wham-O 80C Mold—Unpigmented—Black, GoldCondors—'81 Nat'l Champs—Wham-O 82E Mold—White—Gold, Blue, RedCondors—'81 Nat'l Champs—Wham-O 82E Mold—White—Silver, Black, GoldCondors—'82 State Champs—Discraft Ultra-Star—Purple—Gold, BlueCondors—'82 State Champs—Discraft Ultra-Star—White—Gold, BlueCondors—'82 State Champs—Discraft Ultra-Star—Yellow—Gold, BlueCondors—27 Remaining Calif. Condors—Discraft Ultra-Star—White—BlackDarkstar Team—Eugene, OR—Wham-O FB16 Mold—Yellow—LabelDeath or Glory—World Champions—Wham-O 900 Mold—White—Red, BlackEllipsis—Australia—Aria—White—Metallic Green