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Breeze & Treeze, 2010—Discraft Stalker—Yellow—SilverBreeze & Treeze, 2010—Discraft Stalker—Yellow—SilverMaker: Discraft
Mold: Stalker
Classification: Driver
Flight Rating Numbers: 7, 5, -1, 2
Plastic Type: Elite Z
PDGA Max. Weight: 179.3g
Disc Color: Yellow
Lettering/Hot Stamp: Discraft Stalker; 2010 Delaware Crosstown Classic; Breeze & Treeze; Brandywine Creek & Lums Pond State Park; 1.1 Extra Long Range Driver Z—Silver
Date Introduced:
Date PDGA Approved: 06/17/09
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture: 2010
Special Notes:
Contributor(s): Bryan McAlees #9753

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