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Pickle Open, 2019—Dynamic Discs EMac Truth—Green—SilverPickle Open, 2019—Dynamic Discs EMac Truth—Green—SilverMaker: Dynamic Discs
Mold: EMac Truth
Classification: Midrange
Flight Rating Numbers: 5, 5, 0, 2
Plastic Type: Classic
PDGA Max. Weight: 180.1g
Disc Color: Green
Lettering/Hot Stamp: 2019 Wisconsin Tour; Pickle Open; Sheboygan Eagles Disc Golf Club—Silver
Date Introduced:
Date PDGA Approved: 03/16/16
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture: 2019
Special Notes: The Pickle Open was one of the original events of the Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour, which began in 1993. Disc Golf Hall of Famer Barry Schultz was the TD of that first event. Prior to that time many disc golf, and other disc golf sports took place at historic Vollrath Park in Sheboygan Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour started in 1993 and has been active ever since. Results of the event can be found here: Disc courtesy of Jeff James.
Contributor(s): Tom McManus

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