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Mad City Open, 2014—Legacy Clozer—Yellow—Metallic RedMad City Open, 2014—Legacy Clozer—Yellow—Metallic RedMaker: Legacy
Mold: Clozer
Classification: Putter
Flight Rating Numbers: 2, 3, 0, 2
Plastic Type: Protege
PDGA Max. Weight: 176.0g
Disc Color: Yellow
Lettering/Hot Stamp: 2014 Mad City Open; PDGA A-Tier; Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour; Image of Pine Tree—Metallic Red
Date Introduced:
Date PDGA Approved: 02/14/12
Number Produced:
Period of Manufacture: 2014
Special Notes: Mad City Open began in 1993 and has been a part of the Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour since that time. The Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour started in 1993 and has been active ever since. Brad Wendt was the TD of this event. In 2019 there were 19 tour stops. There have been numerous TDs for this event over the years, including Disc Golf Hall of Famer Duster Don Hoffman, and Wisconsin Disc Golf Hall of Famer Brad Wendt. TD for this event was Brad Wendt. Artwork by Stefano Walczyk. Disc courtesy of Brad Wendt. Results of event can be found here:
Contributor(s): Tom McManus

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