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Congratulations! You’re ready to contribute to the Flying Disc Museum (FDM). The FDM created this Quick Start gallery to make it easier to get going. There are detailed instructions if you need them, but we hope this Quick Start will be all it takes to get your photos into the museum—quickly and simply.

Please follow the instructions here and within this gallery carefully.

searchsearch Select the gallery below where you believe your disc (or other item) is most likely to go, and click on the photo.
photophoto Try to take your photograph so it looks as close as possible to the Quick Start example. We have several short help videos that show an example of a cheap photo booth set up as well as how to take the photographs using a camera or your cell phone.
looklook Look to right side of the Quick Start photo and you will see what is called a descriptor. Below the descriptor is an ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section. Read this section completely and carefully.
copycopy Highlight the entire descriptor (DO NOT INCLUDE THE TITLE OR THE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION) and copy it (Ctrl+C).
pastepaste Return to your upload gallery and click on your disc. On the right side, you will see a DETAILS box. Click on Photo Details and a box opens. Put your cursor in there, click and then paste (Ctrl+V) the descriptor.
editedit Carefully edit the information so it is specific to your disc and be sure to click on Save or Next Photo before moving on or your changes will be lost.
emailemail When you have uploaded six items to your upload folder, email us at [email protected] and let us know. We will review your entries and offer any suggestions, if required, for your photos or descriptors.

If you know a FDM contributor, reach out to them for help. Or feel free to email us at [email protected] and ask us anything you’d like.



Tins & Lids TEMP Other Non-Plastic TEMP
Ekco—Ovenex Cake PanEkco—Ovenex Cake Pan Red Ball Space Ship—Red Ball—White—StyrofoamRed Ball Space Ship—Red Ball—White—Styrofoam
Flyin-Saucers TEMP Space Saucers TEMP
SCP—FS9/D—RedSCP—FS9/D—Red SS12—Injection Molded—Yellow with Red SwirlSS12—Injection Molded—Yellow with Red Swirl
Pluto Platters TEMP Flying Saucers TEMP
ATPP—American Trends Pluto Platter—GreenATPP—American Trends Pluto Platter—Green WFS2—#2 Mold, No Planets, Small®—BlueWFS2—#2 Mold, No Planets, Small®—Blue
Spinning Plates TEMP Other Plastic TEMP
Duncan Toys Company—Duncan Koo-Lee Hat—RedDuncan Toys Company—Duncan Koo-Lee Hat—Red Hall Mfg—Sky-Pie—Reissue—MaroonHall Mfg—Sky-Pie—Reissue—Maroon



Brand X – Imperial TEMP Cosom TEMP CPI TEMP Destiny – Dynamic Disc TEMP
X-115 Sky Lighter—Unpigmented—Green, Yellow, Purple, RedX-115 Sky Lighter—Unpigmented—Green, Yellow, Purple, Red Classic—Yellow—BlueClassic—Yellow—Blue Saucer Tosser, Giant—YellowSaucer Tosser, Giant—Yellow Mini—Freebee WOW!—Orange—GoldMini—Freebee WOW!—Orange—Gold
Discraft Dreamflights TEMP Innova (non-golf) TEMP Innova Minis ????
Sky-Styler—Open Center Transition—Unpigmented—BlackSky-Styler—Open Center Transition—Unpigmented—Black Floater—Hi-Durability 003—Pink—GoldFloater—Hi-Durability 003—Pink—Gold Apple, The Ultimate—Orange—Metallic Blue—Retail PackagingApple, The Ultimate—Orange—Metallic Blue—Retail Packaging Aero, San Marino—Mini Star, First Run—White—BlackAero, San Marino—Mini Star, First Run—White—Black
Positive Pyramids – Xaipros Precision Flytes Sportflyers Unlimited  
Positive Pyramids—PYRA-DISC Freestyle—Blue—Gold—PackagedPositive Pyramids—PYRA-DISC Freestyle—Blue—Gold—Packaged      
Wham-O Pro Wham-O All American Wham-O Moonlighter Wham-O Regular
Wham-O Mini Wham-O Master Wham-O Fastback Wham-O Super Pro
  Master Tournament Model—No. 29997Master Tournament Model—No. 29997    
Wham-O World Class Wham-O G Series Wham-O HDX Wham-O Other
WC 165G—Zimmerman, Gaman—80 Mold—Red—GoldWC 165G—Zimmerman, Gaman—80 Mold—Red—Gold   Ice Blue—80E Mold—Made in MX—Silver, Metallic PurpleIce Blue—80E Mold—Made in MX—Silver, Metallic Purple  
International Games Sport Rings Other


Disc Golf

Axiom Discs Destiny – Dynamic Disc Disc Golf Association Discmania
Envy, Plasma—Tiger—Grey-Blue Burst, Green—Orange, Black, WhiteEnvy, Plasma—Tiger—Grey-Blue Burst, Green—Orange, Black, White   Quake, Granite—2020 Ledgestone—Pink, Red, Blue Swirl—Metallic RainbowQuake, Granite—2020 Ledgestone—Pink, Red, Blue Swirl—Metallic Rainbow Tilt, Exo—Lizotte—Blue Burst—RedTilt, Exo—Lizotte—Blue Burst—Red
Discraft Dynamic Discs Gateway Innova
Buzzz, ESP—Paul McBeth 4X Claw—Purple Swirl—Metallic Blue, Metallic RedBuzzz, ESP—Paul McBeth 4X Claw—Purple Swirl—Metallic Rainbow EMac Judge, Prime—Yellow—Metallic GreenEMac Judge, Prime—Yellow—Metallic Green   Viking, Champion—Swoosh (PFN)—Yellow (Light)—GoldViking, Champion—Swoosh (PFN)—Yellow (Light)—Gold
Latitude 64 Legacy Discs Lightning Millennium
MVP Disc Sports Prodigy Discs Quest AT Streamline
Nomad SE, Electron—James Conrad 2021 WC—Orange, Black—Black, SilverNomad SE, Electron—James Conrad 2021 WC—Orange, Black—Black, Silver      
Vibram Westside Discs Wham-O Other
      Finish Line—ERA, Forged—Orange—Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, BlackFinish Line—ERA, Forged—Orange—Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, Black


Tournaments / Events

World Frisbee Championships U.S. Open Frisbee Championships World Disc Championships WFDF Championships
Super Pro—Blue—Gold—LabelSuper Pro—Blue—Gold—Label 1987 US Open—Wham-O 80E Mold—White—Metallic Green1987 US Open—Wham-O 80E Mold—White—Metallic Green    
World Jr. Championships World Sr. Championships World Freestyle Championships World Guts Championships
1992 World Jr. Championships—Wham-O 82E Mold—UV—Black, Silver1992 World Jr. Championships—Wham-O 82E Mold—UV—Black, Silver   1983 FPA Worlds—Victoria, TX—Discraft Sky-Styler—White1983 FPA Worlds—Victoria, TX—Discraft Sky-Styler—White 1985 World Guts—Irwin Toys 17 Mold—7th Style1985 World Guts—Irwin Toys 17 Mold—7th Style
  PDGA World Championships World Ultimate Championships  
  2009 PDGA WC—Kansas City, MO—Discraft Buzzz—White—Supercolor2009 PDGA WC—Kansas City, MO—Discraft Buzzz—White—Supercolor 1990 WUGC—Norway—Discraft Ultra-Star—White—Red, Blue, Yellow1990 WUGC—Norway—Discraft Ultra-Star—White—Red, Blue, Yellow  
International Frisbee Tournament North American Series Asian Canadian
23rd IFT (1980)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Limited Edition23rd IFT (1980)—15 Mold—Fire Orange—Limited Edition   1981 Tokyo Series, JFA—TOWA Mini—Glow—Black1981 Tokyo Series, JFA—TOWA Mini—Glow—Black 1981 Toronto Islands DG Tournament—Wham-O 100AD Mold—Glow—Black1981 Toronto Islands DG Tournament—Wham-O 100AD Mold—Glow—Black
European U.S. State & Local Events & Festivals Disc Dog
Big Belgian Open, 1980—Faulkner Mini—White—BlueBig Belgian Open, 1980—Faulkner Mini—White—Blue Maryland States, 1980—Wham-O 80C Mold—White—Purple, GoldMaryland States, 1980—Wham-O 80C Mold—White—Purple, Gold International Freedom Festival—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Red, BlueInternational Freedom Festival—Wham-O 40 Mold—White—Red, Blue Cycle Catch and Fetch—Wham-O FB8 Mold—Red—WhiteCycle Catch and Fetch—Wham-O FB8 Mold—Red—White
Disc Golf Freestyle Guts Ultimate
Beaver State Fling, 2015—Innova Rhyno—Blue Glow—Jelly BeanBeaver State Fling, 2015—Innova Rhyno—Blue Glow—Jelly Bean Victoria Nationals, 1983—Discraft Sky-Styler—Yellow—RedVictoria Nationals, 1983—Discraft Sky-Styler—Yellow—Red U.S. Nationals, 2005—Wham-O 15 Mold, 9th Style—Fire Orange—BlackU.S. Nationals, 2005—Wham-O 15 Mold, 9th Style—Fire Orange—Black 1981 Central States Region—Wham-O 80E Mold—Unpigmented—Copper, Metallic Red1981 Central States Region—Wham-O 80E Mold—Unpigmented—Copper, Metallic Red



Freestyle Players Association Guts Players Association Halls of Fame International Frisbee Association
2020 FPA—Wham-O 100E Mold—Recycled—Black, Red2020 FPA—Wham-O 100E Mold—Recycled—Black, Red GPA—Autographed #—GPA 1980 Label—Wham-O 15 Mold—9th Style—Gold TMBGPA—Autographed #—GPA 1980 Label—Wham-O 15 Mold—9th Style—Gold TMB Illinois DG HoF, 2020—Discraft Buzzz—White—BlackIllinois DG HoF, 2020—Discraft Buzzz—White—Black  
Professional Disc Golf Association Regional Clubs/Associations Ultimate Other
Ace Club, 2022—Chameleon—Dynamic Discs Truth—White—DyeMaxAce Club, 2022—Chameleon—Dynamic Discs Truth—White—DyeMax All Star Thursday—Discraft Sky-Styler—Yellow—BlackAll Star Thursday—Discraft Sky-Styler—Yellow—Black UPA Logo—Wham-O 82E Mold—White—Metallic Green, Blue, PurpleUPA Logo—Wham-O 82E Mold—White—Metallic Green, Blue, Purple Flying-disc League of Women—Wham-O 81C Mold—White—BlackFlying-disc League of Women—Wham-O 81C Mold—White—Black



Flying Pipes Lighted Mimetic Multi-Piece
Non-Plastic Sonic Toy Rings Other



Accomplishments Businesses Calling Cards Consumer Products
Gregg "The Wham-O Miniac" Hosfeld  1987 World Champ—Wham-O Mini—GreenGregg Hosfeld—1987 PDGA WC—Wham-O Mini—Yellow—Green discshop.biz—Wham-O Mini—White—Metallic Pinkdiscshop.biz—Wham-O Mini—White—Metallic Pink Shane Smith—Wham-O Mini—Unpigmented—OrangeShane Smith—Wham-O Mini—Unpigmented—Orange Trident—Wham-O FB1 Mold Square Top—Blue—GoldTrident—Wham-O FB1 Mold Square Top—Blue—Gold
Disc Golf Courses Entertainment Events (non-disc related) Food & Beverage
Hazelwood DG Course—Wham-O 50G Mold—Glow—RedHazelwood DG Course—Wham-O 50G Mold—Glow—Red      
Holidays Locations Personalized Teams
  Stinson Beach (Flying Ducks)—Discraft Sky-Styler—Lavender—PurpleStinson Beach (Flying Ducks)—Discraft Sky-Styler—Purple—Purple    
Tobacco & Alcohol Tour Support Discs Other  
  Callie McMorran—2022 Team Champion Series—Innova Roadrunner—Purple—WhiteCallie McMorran—2022 Team Champion Series—Innova Roadrunner—Purple—White    



Ads Books Documents Posters



Accessories & Jewelry Apparel Art & Crafts Awards
Bag Tags Disc Art Discabilia Figurines & Ornaments
Photography Trading Cards Other