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GPA—Autographed #—GPA 1980 Label—Wham-O 15 Mold—9th Style—Gold TMB

Maker: Wham-O
Model: Professional Frisbee
Style: 9th
Mold: 15
Size: 9.375 inches
Disc Color: Fire Orange
Lettering/Hot Stamp: GUTS PLAYERS ASSOCIATION; GPA—Gold—Block band Pro TMB
Label/Sticker: Black on Gold: CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES GPA 1980
Date Introduced: 1980
Number Produced: 5 (Numbered)
Period of Manufacture: 1980
Special Notes: David Bolyard and Bob Rothman signatures on top. Numbered 3 of 5 on bottom.
Contributor(s): Joe Essman

This is a typical descriptor for Guts Players Association (GPA) discs. These are standard discs, almost all Wham-O Professional Models. Be sure to follow this example exactly. You can highlight the descriptor above (excluding this Additional Information section) and then copy and paste it to your disc. Pay attention to the way semicolons are used to separate sections of the Lettering/Hot Stamp and Label/Sticker information. You can add as much information in the Special notes area as you like as well as adding links to people, places or things.

Discs in this gallery have multiple titling styles. Early tournaments have format, [US]GPA—Maker Mold—Style—Disc Color—Hot Stamp Color. Later tournaments are formatted Tournament, Year—Maker Mold, Style—Disc Color—Hot Stamp Color. All title elements are separated by an em dash. (Windows is Alt0151).

For all guts tournament entries, use the standard colors described in the FDM Color Specifications. Fire orange discs, the most popular guts color, are difficult to photograph. There is a tendency for the disc to get very bright, on top due to the lighting. Getting the color as even as shown here may take a lot of experimenting with lighting and exposure.
Canon EOS Rebel T6, f/9 @ 29 mm, 1/25, ISO 400, No Flash

GPA—Autographed #—GPA 1980 Label—Wham-O 15 Mold—9th Style—Gold TMB